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Chevron owns interests in molybdenum resources in the United States through our subsidiary Chevron Mining Inc. In recent years, Chevron has been relinquishing its interests in coal.

Divesting Coal Assets

In 2012, Chevron sold its remaining coal mining operations. The company sold its Kemmerer, Wyoming, surface coal mine in early 2012. Later that year we sold our 50 percent interest in Youngs Creek Mining Company, LLC, which was formed to develop a coal mine in northern Wyoming.

Final reclamation work continued in 2012 at the surface coal mine we operate in McKinley, New Mexico. In 2009, Chevron donated 208 acres (0.84 sq km) of adjacent unmined land to the Navajo Code Talkers Association for a museum and future veterans' center in recognition of the mine's longtime partnership with the Navajo Nation. In 2011, the McKinley Mine was inducted into the New Mexico Mining Association Mining Hall of Fame in recognition of the company's restoration efforts.

Molybdenum Adjusting to the Minerals Market

Chevron also operates an underground molybdenum mine in Questa, New Mexico. Molybdenum is primarily used to strengthen steel. In 2012, development and production at the mine continued at reduced levels in response to weak prices for molybdenum.

On the tailing site of the Questa mine, Chevron Mining and Chevron Technology Ventures began operating a 1-megawatt concentrating solar photovoltaic facility in April 2011. The demonstration project generates enough electricity to power 300 homes.

Mine Safety

Protecting people and the environment is one of Chevron's core values. In 2011, Chevron Mining joined other major mining companies and the National Mining Association in sharing safety processes and procedures. The initiative seeks to create a systematic, industrywide approach to health and safety management across the mining industry.

Updated: April 2013

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