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For the latest figures, view the 2014 Supplement to the Annual Report (5.9 MB).

Technology plays an important role in helping Chevron deliver affordable, reliable energy that fuels human progress and economic growth around the world.

Chevron develops and deploys technology for our global operations through our proprietary solutions, in-house expertise, strategic partnerships and venture capital investments. Our open approach to innovation provides us with continuous access to new ideas and enables Chevron to deliver the right technologies at the right time to meet business needs, which drives growth and efficiency.

The technologies we deploy help us find and commercialize new oil and gas fields cost-effectively and also help us recover more resources from existing fields. They enable us to integrate data and information so that we can manage and develop our global assets efficiently. And they help us advance emerging energy with the goal of developing scalable and economical new resources while reducing our environmental footprint.

Chevron has three technology companies that support our businesses in this effort: Chevron Energy Technology Company, Chevron Information Technology Company and Chevron Technology Ventures. The work that these companies do is integrated across Chevron, ensuring a strong alignment between the technologies we use and our business strategy.

  • Chevron Energy Technology develops and manages technology to help find and produce new oil and gas reserves, enhance recovery in existing fields, and optimize productivity of downstream assets.
  • Chevron Information Technology supports our entire business by integrating information technologies to connect people, ideas, processes and data. Its applications include "intelligent" oil and gas fields, automation and visualization technologies, and technical networks.
  • Chevron Technology Ventures identifies, develops and sponsors emerging energy technologies and helps integrate them into our core businesses. It has invested more than $200 million in startup companies and continues to serve as an on-ramp for promising technologies.

Our Power and Energy Management organization provides comprehensive commercial, engineering and operational support services to improve the power reliability and energy efficiency of Chevron operations worldwide.

Some 2013 Highlights

Chevron continues to make advances that will enable the company to explore, produce and operate safely and efficiently, with technologies such as long-distance power, high-boost pumping and advanced remote inspection monitoring.

Chevron is a leader in the application of ocean bottom sensing technology in deepwater fields, including projects in West Africa, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. The technology has been deployed in the Sepinggan Field in the Kutei Basin in Indonesia. It improves subsurface resolution and helps geoscientists better track fluid migration during field production.

Deepwater fields are typically developed with as few wells as possible. Maintaining optimal production from these wells is critical, and servicing them generally involves using a deepwater rig. In Nigeria, Chevron deployed a multipurpose vessel to perform well workovers at a fraction of the cost of a deepwater rig.

Advances in digital oilfield technologies continue to deliver high-quality data that help us make better decisions. For example, proprietary waterflood surveillance and diagnostics tools provide new information and greatly improve our ability to understand reservoir performance.

In 2013, Chevron took delivery of a dynamically positioned shuttle tanker. The vessel is used to transport crude oil produced from the Papa-Terra Field, offshore Brazil. This tanker is equipped with azimuth thrusters that enable it to remain on station without mooring to a floating production, storage and offloading vessel.

Scientists from our lubricants business were recognized by the Society of Automotive Engineers for pioneering work in formulating new heavy-duty engine oil. The zero-phosphorus, ultra-low-ash engine oil reduces maintenance costs and significantly extends or eliminates diesel engine filter maintenance.

Chevron has made significant advances in leak detection by deploying modeling technology in most of the product pipelines the company operates. Sophisticated models enable us to use real-time operations data to locate pipeline leaks.

Chevron uses technology to monitor the effects of our operations on the environment and the community. For example, during seismic operations, Chevron engaged the local fishing communities of Sepinggan, Indonesia, to ensure the activities are coordinated. We used high-resolution photography to monitor fish traps, conducted extensive hydrographic surveys to monitor the seafloor and designed our seismic data collection programs to avoid damaging coral communities.

Updated: March 2015

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

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