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Chevron Shipping Company transports crude oil, refined products, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for Chevron customers worldwide. We manage deep-sea tanker voyages using a combination of single-voyage charters, short- and medium-term charters, and company-owned and bareboat-chartered vessels.

Our fleet includes U.S.- and foreign-flagged vessels. The U.S.-flagged vessels transport refined products, primarily in the coastal waters of the United States. The foreign-flagged vessels transport crude oil from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Black Sea, South America, Mexico and West Africa to ports in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. These vessels also transport refined products and feedstocks to and from various locations worldwide.

Headquartered in San Ramon, California, we also maintain regional offices in the major trading centers of Houston, Texas, London and Singapore. We offer a full range of marine services: technical and marine operations consulting, commercial arrangements, risk management and transportation support.

We commissioned our first tanker ship—an oil-fired steamer dubbed the George Loomis—in 1895. In 1920, we launched the first American tanker equipped with diesel-electric-drive propulsion. Our fleet has grown steadily from the days when barrels of oil were rolled onto the decks of sailing ships to the technically advanced tankers of today.

Chevron owns a one-sixth interest in each of seven LNG carriers that transport cargo for the North West Shelf Venture in Australia. In 2014, Chevron took delivery of two new LNG tankers to support its growing LNG business.

To protect the environment, all ships in our owned and bareboat-chartered fleet have double hulls.

Updated: May 2015

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