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People everywhere crave economic opportunities that will help them achieve stability and prosperity. Chevron fosters this goal by investing in programs that promote self-sufficiency, job growth and economic development. We start by assessing what local communities need, then take action to help remove barriers to economic growth. Through our social investment, as well as our local purchases and hiring, we work to increase job opportunities and grow local economies. We also focus on training people so that they can compete for better, higher-paying jobs that will support the trainees and their families.

Promoting Small Enterprise

Small and medium-size businesses drive economic growth in any community. Helping to develop these businesses contributes to the overall prosperity of the communities where we work. We help lift entrepreneurs by supporting business development and incubator programs, funding job skills training, and providing access to credit and markets.

Promoting Progress in the Niger Delta

Chevron established the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Foundation and contributed $50 million to improve socioeconomic conditions in the region.

In the United States, Chevron supports economic development and job creation through partnerships with groups like Opportunity Fund and Inner City Advisors. With our support, these organizations are able to increase resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Many of Chevron's economic development projects focus on promoting equality and economic empowerment for women. We partner with local nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations to provide microloans, financial education and job training. We believe that when women are empowered, whole families see the benefits, and we think those benefits can have positive effects upon future generations.

United States

Since 2004, Chevron has helped hundreds of women achieve self-sufficiency through the Women's Initiative for Self-Employment. The San Francisco-based organization provides training, resources and support for local women entrepreneurs.

Creating Opportunities

Chevron's partnership with the Women's Initiative for Self-Employment has helped hundreds of women develop the entrepreneurial skills they need to launch their own small businesses.


In 2010, Chevron provided seed funding for the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI) Foundation, which was established to help alleviate poverty and promote peace in the region by building public-private partnerships. The foundation has launched three pilot projects to create jobs and increase income for Niger Delta residents within the aquaculture, cassava and palm oil agricultural sectors. Programs emphasize coordination among farmers, producers, government agencies and banks. The foundation is using demonstration ponds located near the initiative’s Economic Development Center in Warri to train 80 fish farmers to improve their yields. The farmers are among 650 local entrepreneurs and civil society representatives who have participated in workshops and training programs since the center opened in May 2012.


In Bangladesh, where many area residents were affected by land acquisition related to development of the Bibiyana and Moulavi Bazar gas fields, we have worked with a nongovernmental organization to create the Alternative Livelihood program. The program has helped more than 6,000 families, giving them training and assets to help them start new businesses.


We help provide personal skills development and professional training for Brazilian women who want to generate more income for their families. Since 2010, we’ve helped train more than 120 women and helped launch or support 10 small businesses.


Chevron partners with Save the Children to improve livelihoods for women in the Mekong Delta by providing financial training and microloans. More than 1,270 women benefited from the program in 2010.

Updated: May 2013

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