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For the latest figures, view the 2014 Supplement to the Annual Report (5.9 MB).

Chevron began doing business in Nigeria in 1913, when Texaco® products were first marketed in the country.

Following the Nigerian Indigenization Decree of 1978, which was designed to raise the level of Nigerian participation in business, Chevron divested 40 percent of its shareholdings to the Nigerian public while retaining 60 percent equity in Chevron Oil Nigeria PLC.

In 1996, we built our 103,000-barrel state-of-the-art storage terminal and loading facility in Apapa.

Our energy exploration and production work began more than 40 years ago.

In 1963, American Overseas Petroleum Ltd.—which later became Texaco Overseas (Nigeria) Petroleum Co.—discovered oil at the Koluama Field, offshore Nigeria. In that same year, Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) started drilling near the Escravos River and found the Okan Field.

Discovered in 1998, the Agbami Field is one of the largest deepwater discoveries in Nigeria’s history.

Health, Environment and Safety

Nigeria is one of three African countries participating in the Arrive Alive program pioneered by Chevron. The program is making significant strides toward eliminating traffic deaths and injuries in the communities where we work.

Chevron upgraded the Okan Platform, installed in 1963, and other mature platforms to improve pollution prevention measures and safety systems.

Chevron is working across its operations to eliminate routine gas flaring and venting in line with company requirements and local regulations. Since 1997, when Escravos Gas Plant 1 was commissioned, followed by Plant 2 in 2001, Chevron has advanced various flare-elimination projects to minimize environmental impact while increasing economic benefits. Plant 3A accepted its first gas in 2010. All new developments are being designed with a zero-flare philosophy.


In 2003, CNL won the U.S. State Department’s Award for Corporate Excellence. The company was praised for its work in Nigeria for, among other things, airlifting more than 2,000 community members to safety in 2003 during ethnic conflict in the Niger Delta, setting up the Riverboat Clinic and our HIV/AIDS prevention efforts.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation honored CNL in 2002 with its Award for Environmental Excellence and again in 2010 with its Environmental Stewardship Award. In 2011, CNL was awarded the Best Company in Human Capital Development prize by the Industrial Training Fund.

CNL has received several awards and honors:

  • Award of appreciation from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund in recognition of contributions made to improve the quality of education in Nigeria
  • 2012 Best Community Development Company of the Year Award from the National Association of Energy Correspondents, a group of journalists covering Nigeria’s energy sector
  • TruContact Award of Excellence for contributions to basic health services to the local communities of the Niger Delta
  • Industrial Training Fund awards in 2011 for Best Organization in Human Resource Development and Best Organization in Patronage of the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria merit award in the Corporate Category for the company’s contributions to the development of Nigeria’s accountants
  • 2013 Electronic Payment Excellence Award of the Central Bank of Nigeria, for CNL’s commitment to the government’s electronic payment initiative


Chevron is committed to the Nigerian government’s policy on local content development. CNL fosters strong business partnerships with local service providers and product suppliers and works to increase their professional capabilities. CNL’s Local Community Content Development team promotes commerce with local businesses.

CNL started a partnership with the Lagos Business School to develop local contractors who can better fulfill the needs of the oil industry. Several training sessions have been held in Lagos and Warri. CNL also has invested in computer-aided design instruction for Nigerian college students.

Besides the jobs and capital investments created by Chevron’s large day-to-day operations, major economic benefits for the community are expected from the West African Gas Pipeline, the Escravos gas-to-liquids project, the Escravos Gas Plant 3A and related projects.

Updated: March 2015

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