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For more than a century Chevron's use of technology has allowed us to deliver the energy necessary for human and economic progress. Meeting the world's growing demand for energy requires a broad mix of energy sources and unprecedented advances in technology. Chevron Venture Capital works to meet that challenge.

A Conduit for Early Adoption of Emerging Technology

Chevron is integrating emerging technologies into our business.

Chevron Venture Capital helps make that happen. We identify technology advances that could strengthen our core operations and lead Chevron to new opportunities for growth. We scan the globe for companies with pioneering technologies that can yield strategic and financial value. We also look for firms that could enhance the way Chevron produces and delivers energy. By helping gifted entrepreneurs realize their vision, we also are shaping the future of Chevron.

A Disciplined Investment Strategy

Chevron Venture Capital identifies companies working on advances that could strengthen our core operations or lead to new growth opportunities.

While we strive to be among the first to take advantage of important innovations, we also look for superior financial returns. We can invest in a company at any phase in the development cycle – from providing early-stage seed investment to offering capital for full-scale commercialization.

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