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Since 1999, Chevron Venture Capital has supported a wide range of companies and venture capital funds. Partner technologies are used across upstream and downstream business units producing substantial earnings for the company.

Advanced Materials

  • Microfabrica

    Microfabrica is the industry leader in manufacturing of micrometer- and millimeter-scale metal components, subsystems, and devices with features measured in microns. The company's breakthrough proprietary EFAB technology can create complex three-dimensional micron-precision metal structures with unprecedented flexibility.

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  • Modumetal

    Modumetal, Inc. specializes in nanolaminated materials. These materials exhibit improved performance for structural, corrosion, and high temperature applications. Modumetal is made by a sustainable electrochemical manufacturing approach, which reduces the cost and raw material consumption of conventional metals manufacturing.

  • Oxane

    Oxane is commercializing advanced ceramic proppants which augment oil and gas production (rate and total recovery) and reduce the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing. Oxane's proppants travel deeper into oil and gas formations than conventional proppants and afford a highly conductive channel for oil and gas to flow to the wellbore.

  • Sample6 Technologies

    Sample6 Technologies' platform allows for the rapid engineering of bioparticles that cause bacteria to effectively “light up” when a specific bacterium is identified. The platform can be applied to a narrow set of bacterial strains or a panel of bacterial species, and can be used both for detection and antimicrobial applications.

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  • Soane Energy

    Soane Energy is a specialty materials company that is developing and applying innovative chemistry based on polymers and surface science to help meet the worldwide "hunger for energy" in a practical, immediate, and environmentally responsible way. The company's initial focus is on the oil sands market in Canada.

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  • Sub-One Technology

    Sub-One Technology has developed a revolutionary new nanotechnology – and a family of systems – for depositing super-hard, smooth, pure films on the internal surfaces many different products. These products can range from large-diameter industrial piping to small, complex metal and plastic components.

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  • Apprion

    Apprion's comprehensive industrial wireless application provides an open, scalable, and secure platform to monitor and manage multi-vendor wireless devices and applications. Their ION system is designed to help plant managers, engineers, and IT teams build systems that can provide the critical information necessary to ensure an industrial facility is running optimally.

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Emerging/Alternative Energy

  • Acumentrics

    Acumentrics's solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is designed to be fuel-flexible and to operate at high temperatures to maximize efficiencies. Unlike many other types of fuel cells, SOFC's require a negligible amount of precious metals and instead can be made out of ceramics. Besides SOFC's, Acumentrics is an industry leader in selling rugged, uninterruptible power supplies for military, transportation and industrial applications.

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  • Ensyn

    Ensyn is a producer of renewable liquid fuels and renewable chemical products from wood residues. Rapid Thermal Processing, or RTP, converts residual biomass from the forest and agricultural sectors as well as cellulosic-based, post-consumer wastes to high yields of light liquids.

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  • Inventys

    Inventys is the developer of energy and capital-efficient technology for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas streams. Inventys’ proprietary VeloxoTherm™ process is less than one-third the cost of existing post-combustion CO2 capture technologies and will enable the widespread adoption of enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration.

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Information Technology

  • Maana

    Maana is a discovery engine, which seeks insights in the data that may lead to solutions to business problems. Unlike traditional search, Maana automatically joins the data and builds relationships. Maana incorporates the latest in machine learning and semantic technologies allowing it to understand the context of information.

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  • Moblize

    Moblize provides “Ready to Analyze” data from exploration to production compliant with new E&P standards to aide your decision making. Moblize's data quality solution coupled with its "Factory drilling" analytics (used to manage wells by exception) ensures actionable information is available to decision-makers anytime, anywhere.

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  • Panzura

    Panzura delivers innovative products that take an application-centric rather than network-centric approach to storage, termed Application Network Storage (ANS). By combining application logic with storage technology, Panzura is able to provide solutions that are faster, cheaper and more secure than traditional approaches to Tier 1 Storage. This architecture allows enterprises to save costs, significantly increase performance and secure mission-critical data via public or private cloud environments.

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  • Veros Systems

    Veros Systems is a company that is commercializing a new type of enterprise software to improve the reliability of assets powered by electric motors. The Veros technology will enable operators to monitor the health of assets and make key decisions regarding "just in time" service scheduling.

Oil and Gas

  • 2TD

    2TD Drilling has developed a robust rotary steerable drilling tool with high build rate. The tool has no external moving parts or hydraulics, and allows for a larger contact area with the formation, thus enhancing maneuverability, bore-hole quality and reliability.

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  • Arisdyne

    Arisdyne specializes in designing small footprint devices that utilize controlled hydrodynamic cavitation. Controlled flow cavitation generates energy in the form of a shockwave creating a highly efficient and elegant way to reduce particle size, disrupt cell structures, and disperses agglomerates. Arisdyne applies this technology to increase yield for ethanol production, reduce catalyst consumption for biodiesel production, and change viscosity of heavy crude oil.

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  • DeepFlex

    DeepFlex develops and manufactures a new generation of lightweight, flexible composite pipe for the deepwater applications in the oil and gas industry. The DeepFlex Flexible Fiber Reinforced Pipe can be made in continuous lengths and avoids many of the typical pipe manufacturing issues because of the inherent nature of the materials.

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  • Foro Energy

    Foro Energy is commercializing high-power lasers for the oil, natural gas, geothermal and mining industries. Their hardware platform transmits high-power lasers over long distance using fiber optic cables to drill, complete and workover wells.

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  • Halfwave

    Halfwave is a company that develops piping inspection tools using Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), an ultra-wide band acoustic technology utilizing acoustic half-wave resonances. The non-contact measurement technology offers deep penetration of coatings, high resolution, and high speed.

  • MezurX

    MezurX has developed a new generation of real-time flow and mud monitoring systems. By providing processed information from advanced sensors, a new level of assistance can be offered to the drilling crew to help better manage Non Productive Time (NPT) events while drilling.

  • MicroSeismic

    MicroSeismic, Inc. has proprietary technologies which enable passive surface-based microseismic monitoring and imaging for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Passive seismic makes use of existing, often naturally occurring, sound sources, rather than dynamite or vibrators. Passive seismic can go where conventional seismic cannot and sees not only the structure in 3-D but also detects fluid movement, fracturing and fault movement.

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  • OsComp Systems

    OsComp Holdings develops and leverages technology to deliver natural gas faster, safer and cheaper than their competition. The focus for OsComp Holdings is drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations and stationary industrial operations.

  • OsComp Systems

    OsComp Systems has developed a unique multiphase compression technology that reduces initial and ongoing operating costs for natural gas producers through an efficient and cost-effective compressor package solution. OsComp's technology reduces compression costs and economically enhances hydrocarbon production and also has future applications in compressed natural gas-refueling, pipeline stations, offshore platforms and compressed-air energy storage.

  • PanGeo Subsea

    PanGeo Subsea delivers high resolution subsea imaging solutions using 3D and 4D acoustic technology; these technologies are utilized primarily to characterize the area beneath the seafloor prior to construction of offshore infrastructure or pipelines.

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  • Production Sciences

    Production Science's core technology is based on decoding the signal of a reflected electromagnetic pulse with a passive sensor element that allows high-bandwidth communications with no active electronics at the sensor location.

  • Seikowave

    Seikowave has developed a new 3D imaging solution using structured light which brings a cost effective, rapid visualization system to market using developments in optics and processing algorithms. Instead of scanning one point at a time, structured light scans multiple points or the entire field of view at once. The technology is used for the non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of anomalies (e.g., corrosion, gouges, dents, etc.) commonly found in pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, and other structures.

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  • Silixa

    Silixa has developed the next generation of distributed fiber optic sensing with applications in the energy and security industries.

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  • Ziebel

    Ziebel has developed a unique conveyance system based upon metal-encased fiber optics for measurement combined with carbon-fiber sheathing for strength and reduced weight. The Ziebel intervention technology can be used for continuous well integrity monitoring, waste water disposal monitoring, detecting casing and packer failures, detecting water incursion, and perforation performance.

  • Zi-Lift Ltd.

    Zi-Lift Ltd. is developing innovative downhole pumps for the oil and gas production industry based on Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) coupled with the latest pumping and monitoring technology which will deliver smaller size and higher efficiency than competitive technologies.

Limited Partner Funds

  • Ampersand Ventures

    Ampersand Ventures is a private equity firm that focuses in information technology, life sciences, and communications across all stages of development.

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  • APV Technology Partners

    APV Technology Partners is a private venture capital firm emphasizing early stage investments in privately-held information technology companies.

  • Arch Ventures Partners

    Arch Ventures Partners is a premier provider of seed and early stage venture capital for technology firms.

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  • CMEA Ventures

    CMEA Ventures specializes in life sciences and information technology investments

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  • Element Partners

    Element Partners is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Menlo Park, California. Founded in 2006, the company invests in products, services and technologies in the energy and power, water, environmental, materials and chemicals, and manufacturing and industrial sectors.

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  • EnerTech Capital

    EnerTech Capital is based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1996, EnerTech Capital is a private equity firm that invests exclusively in service and technology companies emerging from, and capitalizing on, the reshaping of the energy, utility and telecommunications markets.

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  • Nth Power

    Nth Power is based in San Francisco, CA. Nth Power is a leading venture capital firm dedicated exclusively to high potential investments resulting from the restructuring of the global energy industry.

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  • Oxford Biosciences

    Oxford Biosciences provides equity financing and management assistance to emerging, entrepreneurial-driven companies within the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

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  • RockPort Capital Partners

    RockPort Capital Partners is located in Boston, Massachussetts. RockPort Capital Partners is dedicated to investing in and supporting the most promising entrepreneurs and technologies in the Energy and Power, Advanced Materials, and Process and Prevention sectors.

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  • Vanguard Ventures

    Vanguard Ventures is a leading early stage venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs build pioneering technology and life science companies.

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Selected Exits

  • Here is a partial list of Chevron Venture Capital investments in firms which were acquired by other companies or had successful public offerings.

    Artificial Muscle
    Bitzer Mobile
    Digital Angel
    Downhole Injection Systems
    Frictionless Commerce
    IronPort Systems
    Network International
    Path Scale
    Reality Mobile
    Tacit Networks
    Teros (FKA Stratum8)
    Trade Ranger
    Tubel Technologies