Traditional Resources

  • Energy Sources - Oil


    Oil provides energy for progress and is at the core of our energy portfolio.

  • Energy Sources - Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    Home and industry are creating a greater demand for this clean and abundant fuel.

  • Energy Sources - Oil Sands

    Oil Sands

    Our best minds are working to release the energy trapped underground.


  • Energy Sources - Geothermal


    Chevron is one of the world's leading producers of geothermal power.

  • Energy Sources - Solar


    Our solar energy solutions increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.

  • More information about Chevron’s approach to renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency

Emerging Fuels

  • Energy Sources - Biofuels


    This business unit pursues commercial opportunities in ethanol and biodiesel.

  • Energy Sources - Gas-to-Liquids


    Super-clean diesel fuels can help meet the rapidly growing demand for energy.