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We know a lot about producing energy. But we've also made it our business to save energy.

Energy efficiency is one of our most economical sources of new energy. Imagine this: A reduction of just 5 percent in global energy use would save the equivalent of more than 10 million barrels of oil per day—enough energy to power Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Using energy more efficiently makes sense for many reasons, including:

  • It reduces carbon emissions.
  • It lowers costs.
  • It conserves the supplies we have.

Helping Others to Save

We're an energy company with a business unit dedicated to helping others become more energy efficient. Since 2000, Chevron Energy Solutions (CES) has helped clients reduce energy use at their facilities by nearly 30 percent on average. CES customers are schools, colleges, government agencies and businesses, including some of our own business units. We work with our customers to improve energy efficiency and find ways to use renewable power to provide significant energy and cost savings each year. The money saved generally covers the cost of the improvements within a relatively short time, thereby providing ongoing financial benefits for the customer and continuing benefits to the environment.

Lowering Our Energy Costs

At Chevron, we're striving to improve our energy performance. We achieve savings in big and small ways.

We created the position of corporate energy coordinator to lead the company's energy efficiency efforts. The coordinator develops best practices that can be shared among business units and conducts energy reviews to assist in prioritizing conservation opportunities across the company.

We've also invested in projects to reduce the amount of energy we use in our operations.

Chevron employees and contractors make energy efficiency a constant priority. We do it with simple, everyday acts, such as constantly maintaining our equipment so that it runs smoothly, and with complex projects, such as building high-efficiency power plants.

Generating Electricity More Efficiently

Worldwide, Chevron operates cogeneration units at refineries, production facilities and other sites, with a combined electrical generating capacity of about 3,500 megawatts. Cogeneration is a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly process that produces steam and electric power simultaneously. These units, also referred to as combined heat and power units, generate electricity about twice as efficiently as the average power supplied by a local utility company.

Conservation and energy efficiency are powerful tools for running our business—and for helping others run theirs.

Updated: May 2013

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

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