Big Oil Should Support Local Schools

So do 7,595 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Winston, a Chevron geologist, and Kaisaiah, an eighth grader, agree that science is cool.

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Dr. Vince Bertram

Dr. Vince Bertram

President and CEO

Project Lead The Way

We agree. Inspiring and preparing students for success in the global economy requires collaboration. At Project Lead The Way, we are proud to partner with Chevron to engage students in relevant and rigorous engineering courses in middle and high schools across the nation. By bringing together students, teachers, policy makers and business leaders, we help ensure America's global competiveness by preparing the next generation of innovative and creative problem solvers. We agree that collaboration is essential for success in our schools, communities and nation. Chevron's leadership and commitment to education is improving students' lives and the prospects for a better America.

Joe W. Laymon

Joe W. Laymon

Vice President, Human Resources, Medical and Security


At Chevron, we recognize that today's students are tomorrow's employees. An educated workforce is crucial to our country's economic future. This is especially true in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math—what we call STEM fields.

In the energy field alone, we face significant resource challenges. The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports that roughly 75 percent of eighth-graders in the United States are not proficient in mathematics when they complete the eighth grade.

Since 2008, Chevron has invested more than $100 million in American education, and we haven't done it alone. We partner with Project Lead The Way, a nonprofit that works with middle and high schools to provide STEM curricula that teach problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Our partnership with Techbridge supports hands-on science and mentoring programs for girls to encourage them to pursue STEM careers.

Our challenge is clear; we all have a role to play in securing the future with education.