Protecting the Planet is Everyone's Job

So do 20,611 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Chevron has produced oil on Australia's Barrow Island for 40 years while respecting the environment.

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                Russell Lagdon

Russell Lagdon

Environment Manager

Chevron Australia

We have been protecting Barrow Island since we began exploring for oil in 1964. It's an island like no other. It's home to a producing oil field and the site of the Gorgon liquefied natural gas and domestic gas facility. It's also a Class A Nature Reserve and considered one of the best examples in the world of how, with proper management, you can produce energy safely while respecting the environment.

We have been given permission to work on Barrow Island, and with that comes a tremendous sense of responsibility. The community expects and trusts us to do the right thing. We must live up to this expectation.

I want my children to know that I and the company I work for will continue to protect the environment for future generations.

                Dr. Harry Butler

Dr. Harry Butler

Australian Naturalist

Australian of the Year, 1979

For the past half century I have worked with government regulators, Chevron and their contractors on Barrow Island to preserve the unique and wonderful wealth of wildlife to be found there, on land and in the surrounding waters. Together, we created management systems that have allowed native species to survive and thrive on the island, protected from nonindigenous plants and animals and the impact of development.

The fact that a major oil field has operated so successfully on a major Class A Nature Reserve demonstrates that industry and the environment can coexist given proper management. Barrow Island is an example of what can be achieved by a workforce that truly cares for the environment.

More than 100,000 workers and visitors to the island have learned the lessons of our happy marriage and have taken these lessons to other places so that influence goes beyond local.