We Need to Start Building Again

So do 5,578 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Ann, a Chevron employee, and Mike, a pipefitter, agree that manufacturing can help fuel our economy.

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John P. Surma

John P. Surma

Chairman and CEO

United States Steel Corporation

We agree. U. S. Steel has been at the forefront of American manufacturing for more than 110 years, supplying steel to our nation's biggest industries.

We are in a unique position as both a Chevron supplier and a part of the energy supply chain. Not only do we provide steel products for exploration, production and transportation, we are consumers of energy. We understand the importance of developing all energy resources and providing the high-quality, reliable steel pipe necessary for natural gas development.

Affordable, reliable energy enables us to keep costs competitive and allows us to reinvest in our operations here in the United States. In recent years, we have invested approximately $100 million into the construction of a new heat treating and finishing line at our tubular products facility in Lorain, Ohio, and assumed operational control of McKeesport Tubular Operations in Pennsylvania, increasing employment and production in the process.

We are proud to play an important role in the continued growth of the economy, and to do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Jeffrey E. Shellebarger

Jeffrey E. Shellebarger


Exploration and Production
Chevron North America

At Chevron, our mission is to produce affordable and reliable energy safely.

Chevron's investments in the United States will exceed $8 billion in energy projects in 2013 alone. We will spend that money on exploration and production, as well as on refining and marketing fuels - the entire energy value chain.

This level of investment has a cascading impact on other industries, such as manufacturing. We're placing large orders for steel, cement and other materials, and technologies needed to develop oil and natural gas. And supporting American jobs in the process.

America has abundant energy resources. And our partners across industry help us develop and deliver them - increasing America’s energy security and global competiveness. Together, we help keep people working and the economy moving forward.