It's Time Oil Companies Get Behind the Development of Renewable Energy

So do 51,881 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Steve, a Chevron environmental operations specialist, and Iris, a teacher, agree on the need for affordable, viable alternatives.

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Thomas F. Gideon

Thomas F. Gideon

Executive Vice President, Timberlands

Weyerhaeuser Company

Growing a tree is a long-term commitment. So is meeting tomorrow's energy needs through renewable energy sources. That's why Catchlight Energy, a joint venture between Weyerhaeuser and Chevron, holds such great promise. This partnership leverages the best of both companies to fulfill a shared view that nonfood-based biofuels can play an important role in diversifying the nation's energy sources and addressing global climate change. Catchlight combines our 110 years of expertise in environmental stewardship, forest management and cellulose technology with Chevron's capabilities in energy technology, product engineering and advanced fuel manufacturing and distribution. Together, we're committed to finding the answer to low-carbon transportation fuel, even if that answer doesn't come tomorrow.

Desmond King

Desmond King


Chevron Technology Ventures

We agree. We're behind renewables because we need renewables. They're part of the solution. If we're going to meet future demand, we need every molecule, every megawatt of energy that's available and viable.

The key word is "viable." We invest in energy technologies that satisfy, or have the potential to satisfy, four basic criteria: economics, scale, customer expectations and density—that is, the ability to be delivered on demand and in quantity. And we never stop looking.

That's why we review dozens of renewable technologies each year. That's why we're partnering with Weyerhaeuser to explore commercializing forest-based biofuels. And that's why we're the only major international oil company with an energy services company that delivers efficiency and renewable power to clients.