Oil Companies Should Support Small Business

So do 45,739 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Chevron supports economic growth and job creation through partnerships with microfinance organizations Kiva.org and Opportunity Fund.

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Lori Davis

Lori Davis



Rig-Chem has been a supplier to Chevron for 20 years. As a small business on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, working with Chevron has opened doors for us domestically and abroad. We now do business in Nigeria and are ready to enter markets in the Middle East and Europe. We're just 17 employees, but Chevron has helped us to identify opportunities outside the Gulf of Mexico and is paving the way for new projects.

Our Chevron partnership began when we had four employees. We've absolutely grown over the years, and much of that growth is due to the relationship we have with Chevron. They've shown a commitment to us during some really tough times, and we've grown together through constant support.

The people at Chevron are like family—there's mutual respect there.

Maria Lindenberg

Maria Lindenberg

Chief Procurement Officer


Every day, thousands of small businesses help us bring energy to the world, and we, in turn, help to strengthen their communities. We provide opportunities for tradespeople, entrepreneurs and local enterprises to supply competitively priced goods and services safely and reliably to our operations in their region. In many cases, it's their chance to build a better life.

Creating jobs helps communities grow and thrive. So we work strategically to help create the right conditions to develop local supply chains to support our operations all around the world. As economic conditions in our communities improve, so does the operating environment. It's not only the right thing to do, it's good business.