Oil Companies Should Think More Like Technology Companies

So do 38,288 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Chevron employee Julia Baggs explains how we use seismic technology to search for oil and natural gas beneath the surface of the earth.

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John W. McDonald

John W. McDonald

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


We agree. In fact, Chevron is a technology company. We start with ingenuity as a core value, turn questions into answers, ideas into energy.

Our technologies come from proprietary research, university partnerships, promising startups and off-the-shelf solutions—combined in ways that are uniquely Chevron's.

But technologies work only if they're deployed. That's why our scientists and engineers—experts in their fields—are so focused on bringing them to market. We're commercializing new and traditional energy forms, increasing energy efficiency, and unlocking some of the most technically challenging energy supplies on the planet.

Our record speaks for itself: in safety, reliability and efficiency; in expanding energy supplies; and in developing lower-carbon energy technologies to meet demand.

We think like a technology company because we are one.