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  • Patrick Blough

    Patrick J. Blough

    Patrick Blough is vice president of gas commercialization for Chevron Gas & Midstream. He is responsible for liquefied natural gas marketing and trading as well as providing broad commercial support on international gas projects to Chevron's upstream and corporate business development units. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

  • Joseph Caggiano

    Joseph Caggiano

    Joseph Caggiano is senior consultant for Technology Projects at Chevron Energy Technology Company. Caggiano provides strategy, project, and technology management consulting to corporate and operating company leadership. He is an alumnus of Boston University and Johns Hopkins University, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Academy of Management.

  • Haakon Dahle Smith

    Haakon Dahle Smith

    Haakon Dahle Smith is a Chevron petroleum engineer in Aberdeen, Scotland. During his five years with Chevron, he has held production and reservoir engineering positions and worked with assets ranging from heavy oil to gas condensate. He holds a master's in aerospace engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and a Master of Science in petroleum engineering from Herriot-Watt University.

  • Jim Davis

    James C. Davis

    Jim Davis is president of Chevron Energy Solutions (CES), the first comprehensive energy efficiency services firm in the oil and gas industry. Since 2000, Davis has built CES into one of the world's leading energy efficiency and renewable energy services companies and the largest developer of solar power solutions for education facilities in North America. Named a Top 50 firm by Fast Company magazine in 2009, CES partners with institutions and businesses to increase efficiency, reduce energy expenses and ensure high-quality power for critical operations. Its customers include U.S. federal, state, county and municipal government agencies; educational and other public institutions, and commercial and industrial businesses.

  • Edgard Habib

    Dr. Edgard H. Habib

    Edgard Habib was appointed chief economist at Chevron Corporation in 2000. Prior to joining Chevron, he held positions at the International Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mitsubishi Corporation and Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates. A native of Lebanon, Habib holds bachelor's degrees in political science and international finance from the University of San Francisco, a Master's of Public Administration in development economics and public finance and a doctorate in economics from American University.

  • Bill Higgs

    Dr. Bill Higgs

    Bill Higgs is senior vice president of operations for Saudi Arabian Chevron, which in a joint venture with the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, explores for and produces oil and natural gas in the onshore Partitioned Zone shared equally by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In his nearly 23 years with Chevron, Higgs has held positions of increasing responsibility in the United States, Kazakhstan, Angola and Australia. A native of Great Britain, Higgs holds a bachelor's degree in geological sciences from the University of Leeds and a doctorate in structural geology from the University of Wales College Cardiff.

  • John McDonald

    John W. McDonald

    John McDonald is vice president and chief technology officer at Chevron Corporation. He is responsible for Chevron's three technology companies: Energy Technology, Information Technology and Technology Ventures. He manages the research, development and deployment of technology throughout the company's worldwide business activities and is a member of Chevron's Strategy and Planning Committee and Management Committee. McDonald previously served as Chevron Corporation vice president of Strategic Planning. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geophysics from the University of Western Ontario.

  • David Newell

    David Newell

    David Newell is commercial consultant for Chevron Asia Pacific Exploration and Production Co. He has worked in the geothermal industry for more than 34 years, on projects in the United States, Philippines and Indonesia. He has led business development, managed operations, designed and developed geothermal power plants and overseen the commercialization of a successful geothermal project. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University.

  • Jay Pryor

    Jay R. Pryor

    Jay Pryor is vice president of Business Development for Chevron Corporation. He is responsible for identifying and developing new, large-scale upstream and downstream business opportunities, including mergers and acquisitions. Since joining Chevron in 1979, Pryor has held a succession of management positions with increasing responsibilities in Asia, the United States, Europe and the former Soviet Union. He also was instrumental in establishing the Center for Sustainable Energy Efficiency at the Qatar Science and Technology Park, where Qatari engineers, scientists and students will be trained to build energy efficiency expertise and capabilities.

  • Robert Ryan

    Robert N. Ryan, Jr.

    Bobby Ryan is vice president of Global Exploration for Chevron Upstream and Gas. He is responsible for Chevron's worldwide exploration portfolio as well as corporate reserves governance and reporting. Ryan began his exploration and production career at Texaco in 1979. A native of New Orleans, he holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in geology from Tulane University.

  • Eve Sprunt

    Eve Sprunt

    Eve Sprunt is the business development manager for Chevron Energy Technology Co. Sprunt was the 2006 president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and has served on the organization's board of directors and as a Distinguished Lecturer. She holds 23 patents and has authored 28 technical articles, edited two books, and written more than 120 editorials for petroleum industry publications. Sprunt earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in earth and planetary sciences and a doctorate in geophysics from Stanford University.

  • Ganesh Thakur

    Dr. Ganesh C. Thakur

    Ganesh Thakur is vice president, global advisor and fellow of Chevron Energy Technology Co. He is an expert in reservoir engineering and simulation, secondary recovery, reservoir and well productivity improvement, heavy oil, horizontal well technology and enhanced oil recovery. A Distinguished Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Thakur has authored 50 technical articles and three books, edited two reprint series, and presented more than 150 lectures around the world. He earned a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from the Indian School of Mines as well as master's and doctorate degrees in petroleum and natural gas engineering and an additional master's in mathematics, all from Pennsylvania State University. He also earned an Executive Master's of Business Administration from Houston Baptist University.

  • Shariq Yosufzai

    S. Shariq Yosufzai

    Shariq Yosufzai is vice president at Chevron Corporation. He supports Chevron's leadership on the National Petroleum Council "Future Fuels" Study as chairman of the Chevron-led Supply and Infrastructure Task Group and as decision executive on downstream portfolio projects worldwide. Since joining Texaco in 1975, Yosufzai has served in positions of increasing respobsibility, including as president of Chevron Global Marketing from 2004 to 2010. He holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University.

  • Rhonda Zygocki

    Rhonda I Zygocki

    Rhonda Zygocki is executive vice president of policy and planning for Chevron Corporation. She is responsible for Strategy & Planning; Policy, Government and Public Affairs; and Health, Environment and Safety. Zygocki previously served as vice president of Policy, Government and Public Affairs, responsible for U.S. and international government relations, communications, and the company's worldwide efforts to protect and enhance its reputation. A native of Canada, Zygocki holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Updated: November 2011

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