john g. stumpf

John G. Stumpf

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Wells Fargo & Company

Age 62

Director since May 2010

Independent: Yes

Chevron Committees: Board Nominating and Governance; Management Compensation

Current Public Company Directorships: Target Corporation; Wells Fargo & Company

Mr. Stumpf has been Chairman since 2010 and Chief Executive Officer since 2007 of Wells Fargo & Company, a diversified, financial services company. He also served as President from 2005 to 2015. Mr. Stumpf was Group Executive Vice President of Community Banking from 2002 to 2005. In 2000, he led the integration of Wells Fargo’s $23 billion acquisition of First Security Corporation. Beginning in 1982, Mr. Stumpf served in numerous executive capacities at Norwest Corporation, a diversified, financial services company, until its merger with Wells Fargo in 1998, at which time he became head of Wells Fargo’s Southwestern Banking Group.

Other Directorships and Memberships: The Clearing House; Financial Services Roundtable; Federal Reserve Board Advisory Council (as appointed representative of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

Skills and Qualifications

Business Leadership / Operations: More than nine years of service as CEO of Wells Fargo & Company. More than three decades of senior management and executive positions in banking and financial services.

Environmental Affairs: As Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo & Company, has implemented several environmental initiatives. Wells Fargo ranked as the top financial services company in LEED certified square footage (2015). As CEO of a major financial services company, oversees environmental risk exposure of investment portfolio.

Finance: CEO of Fortune 500 company. More than three decades of financial responsibility and experience in the banking and financial services industry. Member of the Federal Reserve Board Advisory Council.

Government / Regulatory / Public Policy: More than three decades of experience in the highly regulated banking and financial services industry.

Updated: April 2016