AIDS Is Going to Lose

At Chevron, we've been battling AIDS for more than 30 years. We believe that if we all work together, we can wipe out this terrible disease. Please join the fight by sharing these important facts about AIDS with your family and friends. Watch the videos created by independent filmmakers and get inspired.

AIDS is strong, but together we are stronger.


We challenged independent filmmakers to create videos about why they believe AIDS is going to lose. The results are touching and inspiring.

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The Ones That Matter

By Ofer Rudolphson and Michael Krueger

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Giving Back

By Edan Cohen

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AIDS Doesn't Stand a Chance

By Meanlow Studio

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AIDS loses when we all know how it spreads and how to stop it. Use Twitter and Facebook to share these key facts.

Over 1/2 of 36.9 million ppl living w/ #HIV are women & kids. Moms need to take special care w/ their babies.

#AIDS discrimination & stigma is still No. 1 reason people don't want to get tested reports @amfAR:

W/ interventions mothers can help prevent #HIV trans to child in utero, in childbirth & childhood:

Unprotected sex is the No. 1 cause of #HIV transmission in the world. Protect yourself. #AIDSWillLose

#HIV is the strongest risk factor in developing active #TB disease. In 2013, 1/4 #HIV deaths were associated with #TB via: @WHO.

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Chevron Fights AIDS Worldwide

At Chevron, we battle AIDS through testing, education, care and support. We're working to end mother-to-child transmission of the disease. And we’re winning: In Nigeria, we have had no reports of mother-to-child HIV transmission among our employees or their qualified dependents since 2001.

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Chevron agrees we can end mother-to-child HIV transmission. Because when we work together, we are stronger than AIDS.