leveraging technology

We’re using technology to improve the safety and performance of our operations, while also investing in companies that are innovating with breakthrough technologies. It’s how we’re exploring ways to make energy more affordable, more reliable, and ever cleaner.

chevron is investing in emerging technologies

$100 million commitment

carbon capture

EV technology

we’ve committed $100 million to our future energy fund

Chevron is investing in emerging technologies with a $100 million commitment to its Future Energy Fund.

investing in a carbon capture company

Chevron is investing in a carbon capture company that’s designing technologies to capture CO2 and transform it into low carbon fuels.

investing in electric vehicle tech companies

Chevron is investing in ev battery and charging technology companies to enable more charging more efficiently.

chevron technology ventures

chevron technology ventures

The DOERS at Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) pursue new innovative technologies by investing in companies that have the potential to enhance the way Chevron produces and delivers affordable, reliable, ever cleaner energy. ChargePoint and Natron Energy are two companies CTV is investing in as we help create the future of energy.

doin' more with less

doin' more with less

At Chevron, we’re digitizing the way we work with advanced data analytics to help develop more productive wells, and we’re exploring ways to use renewable energy in our operations. It’s just a few of the ways we’re innovating to meet the energy demands of today and tomorrow.

DOERS testing drones

DOERS testing drones

Chevron DOERS are going to new heights with drones.

welcome to the roc

welcome to the roc

Chevron’s U.S Refinery Optimization Center has an always-live hotline, an infrared Eye in the Sky, and a team of DOERS overseeing the El Segundo Refinery, monitoring thousands of devices, 24/7.

energy done

See how hydraulic fracturing is done safely, respectfully, and responsibly

that's doin’ more and doin’ it better

Advances in seismic imaging and hydraulic fracturing have boosted U.S. natural gas production by 54% since 2005  

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