20 April 2015
Colleges Embrace Chevron Case Lawyer Steven Donziger Despite Fraud Accusations—The Washington Times

16 April 2015
In Fraudulent Suit Against Chevron, One Honest Judge Makes A Difference—Investor’s Business Daily

17 February 2015
An Online Poker Magnate Folds His Cards in Chevron Pollution Case—Bloomberg

17 February 2015
A Tort Mercenary Recants; Chevron Settles With a Funder of Donziger’s Fraudulent Laws—The Wall Street Journal

4 December 2014
Judge Rules in Chevron’s Favor in Case Against Ecuador, MCSquared—PR Week

30 November 2014
Chevron Takes Ecuador’s Government to Court—The Wall Street Journal

17 November 2014
Anatomy of a Conspiracy—The Wall Street Journal

20 October 2014
Anti-Chevron Activists Lash Out at Feminist Lawyers Supporting the Oil Company—Bloomberg

15 October 2014
Chevron and Ecuador: Legitimate Arguments Against an Illegitimate Lawsuit—Business Roundtable

5 October 2014
Mia Farrow’s Dirty Profits—A Hidden Payoff in Corrupt Ecuador Trial—New York Post

26 September 2014
Ecuador Owes Chevron $106M, Dutch Court Says—Law360

25 September 2014
U.S. Appeals Court Orders Disclosure of Secrets in Chevron Oil Pollution Case—Bloomberg

25 September 2014
A Green Scam—National Review

22 September 2014
Behind the Chevron Case—The New York Times

17 September 2014
Where's Preet? The Unasked Question in Chevron v. Donziger—Fortune

16 September 2014
What It's Like to Be Attacked by Putin's American Flack—Bloomberg

15 September 2014
The Fall of the House of Boggs—Politico

10 September 2014
The Media Coverage of the Corrupt Chevron Trial Was Corrupt Too—National Review

10 September 2014
AWOL on Ethics—New York Daily News

8 September 2014
Donziger Dodges Ecuadoreans’ Suit Over $18B Judgment—Law360

8 September 2014
Ecuador, Chevron and Steven Donziger: The Travesty Described in Detail—Forbes

25 August 2014
Litigating the Crime-Fraud Exception: Chevron Corp. v. Donziger—Inside Counsel

19 August 2014
The Chevron Oil Pollution Case and the Limits of the U.S. Courts—Bloomberg

18 August 2014
Legal tide turning against lawyers who profit illegally from class-action lawsuits—The Washington Examiner

7 August 2014
How a Brooklyn PR Firm Roiled Ecuadorian Politics—Bloomberg

3 July 2014
Appeal in the Chevron Case Will Test the Boundaries of RICO—Bloomberg

1 July 2014
Litigation-Finance Firm Survives Chevron Debacle, Learns Lessons, and Thrives—Bloomberg

17 June 2014
PR Firm's Undisclosed Work for Ecuadorian Government Raises Legal Questions—The Washington Free Beacon

7 May 2014
Patton Boggs Pays Chevron $15 Million To Rid Itself Of Donziger—Forbes

7 May 2014
Patton Boggs pays Chevron $15 million to settle fraud charges—Fortune

7 May 2014
Patton Boggs Surrenders in Battle With Chevron, Agrees to Pay $15 Million—Bloomberg Businessweek

5 March 2014
Federal Court: Plaintiffs' Lawyers Can Be Prosecuted Using Racketeering Laws Originally Intended For Mobsters—Forbes Opinion

4 March 2014
Chevron Wins Ruling Ecuador Judgment Was Devil's Deal—Bloomberg Sustainability

4 March 2014
Big Victory for Chevron Over Claims in Ecuador—The New York Times

4 March 2014
Chevron Wins U.S. Ruling Calling Ecuador Judgment Fraud—Bloomberg News

4 March 2014
Ecuador $9.5 Billion Ruling Against Chevron Was Corrupt: U.S. Judge—Reuters

26 November 2013
Chevron Alleges Still Another Fraud by Ecuadorians—Fortune

6 November 2013
Disastrous Day for the Lago Agrio Plaintiffs in Chevron Trial—Fortune

31 October 2013
Chevron Witness Describes 'Shocking' Levels of Corruption in $19 Billion Pollution Case—Bloomberg Businessweek

31 October 2013
Lawyer 'Wanted No Part' of Case Against Chevron in Ecuador—Reuters

17 October 2013
A SWAG Surprise in the $19 Billion Chevron Case—Bloomberg Businessweek

17 October 2013
Witness Claims U.S. Lawyer Used Inflated Estimate in Chevron Case—Reuters

16 October 2013
Witnesses Say U.S. Lawyer Used Fraud in Chevron Case in Ecuador—Reuters

14 October 2013
Editorial: Bringing Lawyers to Justice—The Washington Times

19 September 2013
Chevron Inches Closer to Legal Victory Over Ecuador Pollution—Bloomberg Businessweek

18 September 2013
Chevron Wins Major Arbitration Victory—Fortune

10 September 2013
Chevron Weighs a Surprising - and Savvy - Legal Maneuver—Fortune

4 July 2013
Julian Ku and George Conway: When Corporate Defendants Go on Offense—The Wall Street Journal

20 June 2013
'Down the Rabbit Hole' in the Chevron Pollution Case—Bloomberg Businessweek

2 May 2013
Peter Foster: Chevron's Win in Ontario—Financial Post

2 May 2013
Canada Says 'No Thanks' to Chevron Pollution Suit—Bloomberg Businessweek

18 April 2013
Chevron's Lawyers at Gibson Dunn Get Tough in Ecuador Pollution Case—Bloomberg Businessweek

17 April 2013
Litigation Finance Firm in Chevron Case Says It Was Duped by Patton Boggs—Fortune

16 April 2013
Chevron's Road to Redemption—Reuters

16 April 2013
60 Minutes's Chevron Pollution Story Springs a Leak—Columbia Journalism Review

12 April 2013
Lago Agrio: Stratus Consulting Turns On Donziger—Letters Blogatory

11 April 2013
Plaintiffs' Experts Disavow Work in $19 Billion Chevron Case—Bloomberg Businessweek

14 March 2013
The Global Lawyer: Closing in on Truth and Justice in the Chevron Ecuador Case—The American Lawyer

10 January 2013
Investment Fund: We Were Defrauded in Suit Against Chevron—Fortune

26 September 2012
Chevron Claims Patton Boggs Tried to Cover up a Fraud—Fortune

6 March 2012
President Correa's Libel Suit and the Fraud Against Chevron—Forbes

14 July 2011
Chevron Looks to Its Home Court for a Comeback Win—BusinessWeek

28 June 2011
Have You Got a Piece of This Lawsuit?—Fortune

16 February 2011
Shakedown in Ecuador—The Wall Street Journal

15 February 2011
Editorial: Ecuador's Bogus $8 Bil Ruling Vs. Chevron—Investor's Business Daily

12 February 2011
Chevron Notches Key Win in Ecuador Pollution Fight—Reuters

9 February 2011
Chevron Wins Restraining Order in $113B Pollution Case—New York Times

1 February 2011
Chevron Seeks to Turn Tables in Ecuador Case—The Wall Street Journal

28 January 2011
Poker Magnate, London Firm Bankroll Chevron Plaintiffs—Forbes

7 January 2011
Law Review: Legal Maneuvers in Ecuador Costly to Plaintiffs—The Philadelphia Inquirer

2 January 2011
Scenes Cut From Film Find New Role in Court—New York Times

29 December 2010
Chevron Tries to Use Foe's Words Against Them—San Francisco Chronicle

23 December 2010
Venerable Center City Law Firm Embroiled in Chevron Fraud Case—The Philadelphia Inquirer

17 December 2010
Chevron Ecuador Case a Shambles, Former Backer Says—Forbes

6 August 2010
Drilling Chevron in Ecuador—The Washington Times

21 May 2010
Inequitable in Ecuador—American Spectator

14 April 2010
How 60 Minutes Missed on Chevron—Columbia Journalism Review

31 March 2010
A Rare Win for Big Oil—Investor's Business Daily

31 August 2009
Chevron Offers Evidence of Bribery Scheme in Ecuador Lawsuit—The New York Times

15 September 2008
Chevron: Evidence Fabricated—Latin Business Chronicle

17 April 2008
Ecuador Shakedown—Investor's Business Daily

12 April 2008
Chevron's Legal Nightmare in Ecuador—The Washington Examiner

7 April 2008
Ecuadorian Farce—Latin Business Chronicle

28 March 2008
Rumble in the Jungle—Latin Lawyer Magazine

24 March 2008
Interviews—Business News Americas

March 2008
Oil Slick—The American Lawyer

26 February 2008
The Populist Prescription—The Washington Times

30 October 2007
Amazonian Swindle—Wall Street Journal

The Ecuador Case in Brief

Get the facts about Chevron in Ecuador and the plaintiffs' strategy of fraud.