doin' it safer

We’re finding innovative ways to produce energy and fuel progress in the communities we call home.

sniffin’ 101
Chevron tests the emission levels of over 320,000 refinery components with high-tech sniff sensors. If the levels are higher than a marker, we fix them. Sniffin’ is one of the ways we keep El Segundo clean.
are you ready to ROC?

are you ready to ROC?

Chevron’s Refinery Optimization Center is full of DOERS doin’ 24/7 to help keep El Segundo DOERS doin’ what they do.

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Our favorite public surf spots

Did you know? Chevron donated a 1.5 mile stretch of ocean beach to Los Angeles County for public use.

keepin' doers

Doin' takes teamwork. Chevron hosts a Community Advisory Panel to inform our neighbors about safety measures and environmental performance.

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Always on call

Did you know? The El Segundo Refinery has a 24-Hour Community Hotline for questions and concerns. Community members can reach it at
+1 310 615 5342.

"Our challenge as individuals and as a company is to operate with discipline — to be relentless in executing the best practices and procedures that have been carefully developed in each of our operations. We recognize that our work is never done."

Wes L., Chevron Health, Environment and Safety Vice President

doin’ for over
a century

Learn how the largest refinery on the West Coast is fueling ships, jets and California road trips.

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doers in the

Where there’s energy, there are opportunities. Through events, training programs and hands-on education initiatives, we’re helping South Bay DOERS make the most of them.

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