chevron doers of
el segundo

The South Bay is home to smart-working, hard-working DOERS. And all that doing takes energy. Chevron DOERS have been living and working here for over a century.

sniffin’ for a cleaner El Segundo
Chevron sniffs over 320,000 refinery components for emission levels. Using a high-tech sensor, we test to make sure the levels are even less than a marker. If the levels are too high, we fix them. It’s one of the ways we’re helping to keep El Segundo clean.

doin' it safer

We’re finding innovative ways to produce energy and fuel progress in the communities we call home.

celebrating role models

We understand the importance of role models in inspiring young women to pursue STEM education and careers. Take 15 seconds to record your video thanking the role model who inspired you.

doin' for over a century

Learn how the largest refinery on the West Coast is fueling ships, jets and California road trips.

doers in the community

Where there’s energy, there are opportunities. Through events, training programs and partnerships with leading organizations, we’re helping South Bay DOERS make the most of them.