fresno doers


Fresno County is a community of smart-working, hard-working DOERS. And all that doing takes energy. Chevron DOERS have been living and working here for over 100 years.


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We understand the importance of role models in inspiring young women to pursue STEM education and careers. Take 15 seconds to record your video thanking the role model who inspired you.

over 100 years together

over 100
years together


Fresno County and Chevron grew up together. See how far back our history goes.

oil and agriculture

oil and ag


Find out about how energy helps fuel Fresno County's
world-famous agriculture industry.

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in our


To keep moving forward, Fresno County needs
energy. So we're finding innovative
ways to create it while fueling progress in the
communities we call home.

home state


in the golden
state of California

in the


happiest places to
work in the United
States in 2017



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