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To keep moving forward, Fresno County needs energy. So we’re finding innovative ways to produce it while fueling progress in the communities we call home.

Chevron DOERS in Coalinga are among the first to test drones for safer operations.

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Fresno County is home of the Central Valley’s first professional soccer club, the Fresno FC. As the club’s Official Energy Partner, Chevron is teaming up with the Foxes to do good in the local community. Together, we’re supporting science, technology, engineering, and math education goals. We’ve also united to help Fresno County’s youth get hands-on training with the pros by launching the Chevron Soccer Academy with Open Goal Project.

Register now for the Chevron Soccer Academy September 22, 23 and October 6 – where kids can train with the pros & get hands-on lessons in STEM through soccer. For more information, visit

As part of the Fresno County community for over a century, Chevron’s goal is to build lasting partnerships that help communities thrive as they reach their goals, on & off the pitch.

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We're using technology to work smarter and more safely–protecting our employees, our neighbors, and our surroundings. We build safety measures into even the smallest tasks and closely monitor our environmental performance.

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Chevron Tenets of Operation

If any employee notices something that doesn’t seem safe, they have the power to take over and put a stop to it immediately. We call this ‘Stop Work Authority’ because it’s everyone’s job to make sure our safety standards are met.

"From my backyard, I can see the beacons from my generators. Safety is important to me. I sleep well because I work for a company that values putting the protection of people and the environment first."

Nate D.
Fresno County Resident

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oil and ag

Find out how energy helps fuel Fresno County's world-famous agriculture industry.

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years together

Fresno County and Chevron grew up together. See how far back our history goes.

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