oil and ag


Find out how energy helps fuel Fresno County's world-famous agriculture industry.


a little field
with a big impact

There are many kinds of fields in Fresno County. Some are famous for their almonds and grapes. Others produce peaches, oranges, tomatoes and garlic. In the far southwestern corner of the county, our Coalinga Field produces energy that helps keep the agriculture industry going strong.


Chevron in Fresno County
produces enough oil in a day for a tractor
to drive around the world

10 times

Fresno Doers - Oil and Agriculture

from farm to market to dinner table

Fresno County's local farms have a far-reaching impact. We're home to the Raisin Capital of the World, so we're pretty well-traveled. See how energy is a key ingredient in growing food at scale.



by pumping, treating,
and moving water

packaging transportation

packaging and transportation

keeps food fresh as it gets delivered to your door


using farm equipment

that run on gas, diesel,
or electricity

over 100
years together

Fresno County and Chevron grew up together. See how far back our history goes.

learn more about our history

in our

To keep moving forward, Fresno County needs energy. So we’re finding innovative ways to create it while fueling progress in the communities we call home.

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