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This is a story about discoveries, the birth of a community, and a history of helping fuel one of the world's most productive agricultural regions.


steam powered

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The first steam-powered drilling rig here was used in 1887 to drill the Wild Goose well. Today, enhanced technologies make it possible to develop resources that have historically been beyond reach.

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We strive to build lasting partnerships that help communities prosper. In Fresno County, we support the local spelling bee, STEM initiatives, the Horned Toad Festival, and many other events and causes that bring our community together.

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When we're not at work, we're giving back to our community - at food drives, recreation centers and local schools.

Volunteer STEM

"My kid is very involved in Chevron. To her, it's not just dad's job. She sees us helping in schools, coaching softball leagues, renovating parks...that we value our community."

Nate D., Technologist
Fresno County Resident

oil and ag

Find out how energy helps fuel Fresno County’s world-famous agriculture industry.

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To keep moving forward, Fresno County needs energy. So we’re finding innovative ways to create it while fueling progress in the communities we call home.

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