implementation strategy

In accordance with Regulation 14(1) of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 (OPGGS(E)), this an implementation strategy has been developed for the environmental management of the impacts and risks associated with the exploration activity. It provides the systems, practices and procedures to ensure environmental impacts and risks are continuously reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) and the environmental performance outcomes and standards are met.
Chevron’s operations are managed in accordance with the Chevron Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS). The OEMS is a comprehensive management framework that supports the corporate commitment to protect the safety and health of people and the environment. Under the OEMS, Chevron has 13 elements that enable implementation of Chevron’s activities in a manner that is consistent with the Operational Excellence Policy 530.
Chevron Australia has prepared an Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (OPEP), which is the primary reference document in the event of an oil spill during exploration activities. It establishes processes and procedures to ensure constant vigilance and readiness to prevent a spill incident as well as, where required, to respond to and effectively manage an oil spill incident that occurs during the exploration activity. The OPEP has been developed to be compliant with the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 (OPGGS(E)).
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Chevron has put measures in place to ensure environmental performance outcomes and standards are met and chain-of-command roles clearly defined. The environmental practices to be implemented are documented within corporate manuals produced by Chevron Australia and contractors, as well as documents written specifically for the Great Australian Bight Exploration Drilling program. Contractor procedures and work instructions are subject to review by the Chevron Australia project team to ensure they meet (and appropriately bridge to) Chevron Australia and/or Chevron Corporation requirements. The Chevron Australia Lead Drill Site Manager (DSM) will be based on the rig to ensure Chevron’s environmental requirements are met in all aspects of the exploration activities.