direct stock purchase & dividend reinvestment

Chevron engages a transfer agent, Computershare, to assist the company in maintaining the accounts of individuals and entities that hold Chevron stock in their own name on the records of the company, sometimes referred to as "stockholders of record" or "registered stockholders." All communications concerning accounts of stockholders of record, including name and address changes and inquiries about the requirements to transfer shares and similar matters, can be handled by calling Chevron Stockholder Services toll-free at 1-800-368-8357 or by contacting Computershare through its website at

When you access your account through Computershare's website, Investor Center, you can view your current balance, access your account history, obtain current and historical stock prices and purchase and sell Chevron shares through the Computershare Investment Plan. To access your existing account on the Investor Center website, you will need your user ID and password. For stockholders who do not have a Computershare Investor Center account, you may be able to create a unique user ID by answering a series of questions, completing a first-time user authentication process and creating a custom seal.

The Computershare Investment Plan allows interested investors to purchase and sell shares of Chevron stock and enroll in dividend reinvestment.

Purchases of shares of Chevron stock through the Computershare Investment Plan can be made by electronic funds transfer or enclosing a check accompanied by a current coupon found at the bottom of your account statement. Each check must have a coupon attached. Computershare will wait up to three business days after receipt of the check or electronic funds transfer to ensure it receives good funds and will then seek to purchase shares from optional cash investments less applicable fees, in whole and fractional shares and on the open market promptly, typically daily but in no event later than five business days thereafter, assuming the relevant markets are open and sufficient market liquidity exists (and except where deferral is required under applicable federal or state laws or regulations). Although Computershare will process the investment as promptly as practicable, there is no guarantee the investment will occur on the investor's specific investment day due to delays with mail, funding, invalid or illegible documentation, etc. Please refer to the Computershare Investment Plan brochure for additional details about the plan. The check should be mailed to Computershare at one of the following:

P.O. Box 43078
Providence RI 02940-3078

For overnight delivery services:

150 Royall St., Suite 101
Canton, MA 02021