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people and communitywe’re helping young houstonians become energy powerhouses through community programs

1 min read | may 11, 2022

We’re participating in various Houston-wide, new energy initiatives to reach the next generation of budding scientists.

  • Children in grades three through eight received a crash course on alternative fuels and achieving a lower-carbon future through Chevron’s participation in Mitsubishi’s Driving the Future.
  • The STEM program tasked young engineers with creating hydrogen atoms and water molecules, building cars and more.
  • Chevron New Energies vice president of hydrogen Austin Knight led an informational video about hydrogen played in classrooms throughout the city.
  • During an all-day event at Children’s Museum Houston, children learned how to build three-dimensional model cars powered by hydrogen.

leading by example

Space Center Houston’s STEM Innovation in Schools program, presented by Chevron, tasks middle schoolers with developing a system to capture and store carbon.

  • The creation must be small enough to work in an Orion capsule, yet mighty enough to function in habitats such as the International Space Station.
  • Between 150 to 200 students throughout four Houston-area school districts are expected to participate via after-school programs and demonstrations. The program runs through June 2022.

why it matters

Integrating energy-related curriculum in classrooms can help educate the future generation and equip them to become problem solvers and innovators.

“We believe lower carbon is the future and new energy is the right thing to do long term. Working with the Children’s Museum and others within Houston certainly builds the right engagement with the next generation, which is going to lead on this topic and is already showing a lot of interest at a young age.”

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