we invest in energy solutions to improve our reliability and efficiency

chevron power and energy management company

Our subsidiary Chevron Power and Energy Management Company provides commercial, engineering and operational support services for our renewable and gas-fired power generation plants. Our U.S. renewable energy capabilities include wind, geothermal and solar operations.

In 2014, we acquired full ownership of six gas-fired cogeneration facilities in California. These plants not only generate electricity, but also efficiently support enhanced oil recovery operations by recycling waste heat to produce steam.

darajat & salak

Chevron Geothermal Indonesia, Ltd., manages two large geothermal projects on the island of Java. The output from our Darajat and Salak operations provides steam to two power plants with a total capacity of 647 megawatts.

tiwi mak-ban

In the Philippines, we have a 40 percent interest in the Philippines Geothermal Production Company. In southern Luzon, the Tiwi and Mak-Ban geothermal power plants have a combined capacity of 692 megawatts.