Innovation, quality, reliability, service and trust have made Chevron a key player in aviation fuels for 85 years.

Commercial and General Aviation
Chevron supplies jet fuels that meet or exceed stringent requirements for worldwide fuel handling and product standards set by industry and government groups, including the American Society of Testing and Materials, the Coordinating Research Council, and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. In the United States, Chevron supplies jet fuels and aviation gasoline to the general aviation industry through resellers. Aviation product sales are supported by worldwide teams that provide marketing decision analysis and application support.

The Airport locator can be used to determine where Chevron supplies aviation fuel. Current customers may log into chevron business point for transactional information, such as invoices and charter fuel requests. More information about aviation products can be found here: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Aviation Technical Fuels Review and Alternative Jet Fuels.