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As the global demand for energy continues to soar, the refining industry must find new ways to meet the challenges of producing greater quantities of transportation fuels. New technology will be vital for our refineries to operate more reliably, safely and efficiently.

If you have new technology solutions to improve the refining industry, we would like to hear your ideas and work with you to convert those ideas into realities. We are particularly interested in new technology in the following general areas:

  • energy efficiency
  • greenhouse gas mitigation
  • hydrogen generating systems
  • NOx, SOx, H2S removal
  • process optimization
  • protective coatings
  • sensors
  • separation technologies
  • steam systems
  • unconventional crude oil processing
  • waste water treatment

Although these are our main areas of interest, you may submit proposals for all relevant technologies.

Our team of process experts will evaluate your solution and, if it of interest to Chevron, will decide whether to negotiate for rights with respect to the idea or to plan the development and financial resources needed to bring your idea to commercial applications.

Proposal Submission

Due to the large number of ideas we receive and Chevron's ongoing research in these technology areas, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements when reviewing initial submissions of technology solutions. Any such submissions made to Chevron will not be subject to any non-disclosure, confidentiality, or other restrictions or obligations on the part of Chevron Corporation or any of its affiliates.

Accordingly, do not submit to us any information that you feel may be confidential and whose confidentiality may be compromised in this initial contact with Chevron. We also do not guarantee any confidentiality with regard to how you submit your technology solution, regardless of how it is submitted. We also do not return business plans or other materials submitted to us. The originality and value of an idea shall be determined solely by Chevron.

Our reputation, we believe, hinges on our professionalism, integrity, and ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work.

We are eager to learn about innovations that can enhance the performance of our existing businesses or help create profitable new businesses. The opportunities we invest in:

  • Must be technically and commercially viable
  • Offer a clear competitive advantage
  • Must have a strong potential for delivering superior, "venture class" financial returns

We receive proposals by mail or email. Please send your technology solution and supporting documents to one of the addresses listed below. Proposals are reviewed on a year-round basis.

Before your proposal is reviewed by Chevron you will be required to read a booklet describing Chevron's policies concerning submitted ideas and agree to Chevron's conditions of submission. You may request a copy of this booklet by mail or by email.

By Mail:

Chevron Submitted Ideas Division
P.O. Box 6006
San Ramon, CA 94583-0806

By Email: