supplier diversity

Chevron is committed to a diverse and inclusive supply chain – one that is reflective of the communities where we live and work. Our commitment is founded in the belief that a diverse supply chain, just like a diverse workforce, contributes to our success and growth. Our Supplier Diversity/Small Business Program is dedicated to developing and utilizing small, local, and diverse businesses that help us solve our most challenging problems while supporting our commitment to fostering economic development and supporting local economies.

who we work with

  • Small businesses
  • Small disadvantaged businesses
  • Small woman-owned businesses
  • Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) businesses
  • Small veteran-owned businesses
  • Small service-disabled veteran-owned businesses
  • Certified woman-owned businesses
  • Certified minority-owned businesses
  • Certified LGBT-owned businesses
  • Certified disability-owned businesses

the program’s components

We integrate strategies to include competitive sourcing opportunities.

Training and Education
We provide resources to help small, minority and woman-owned businesses work with Chevron.

We emphasize continuous improvement. As we achieve our program targets, we monitor and report on our progress.

We partner with certifying organizations to ensure that program participants provide high-quality goods and services. 

We seek out diverse suppliers through active involvement in small business and minority development organizations and trade shows.

becoming a supplier

Suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities within Chevron are encouraged to:

  • Obtain membership and be certified by one or more of our recognized certification organizations.
  • Learn more about how to do business with large corporations by attending seminars and workshops.
  • Understand Chevron’s business. Read our Business Conduct & Ethics Expectations for suppliers and contractors.
  • Send an email to that includes a summary of your qualifications and certifications.

what we look for

The companies that provide the high-quality goods and services used by Chevron share the following qualities:

  • Cost savings
  • Financial viability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer-focused
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Excellent safety record



Certified small or diverse businesses can register with SAP Ariba Commerce Network. Whether or not your company is currently doing business with Chevron, you should register so we can contact you about future opportunities.

When a sourcing opportunity for your industry-specific business arises, Chevron employees will access the SAP Ariba Commerce Network to search for suppliers. At that point, you may be contacted to submit additional information. Information you submit will be protected in accordance with Chevron’s privacy policies.

Read Chevron's Privacy Statement

No. However, if an opportunity presents itself, Chevron will contact you to begin the request for proposal process. At that time, you will be asked to demonstrate your company’s value proposition for the product or service you are offering.

Chevron participates in a number of events throughout the year in our major areas of operation. Our purchasing coordinators interview and provide information about sourcing opportunities to potential suppliers during these events.

Chevron has a broad array of purchasing needs with requirements that vary by location and operation. When you complete your registration, make sure you indicate your primary industry code using the Small Business Administration North American Industry Classification System in order for us to quickly search for your specific industry in our database.

Yes. For some of our US-based operations, if awards exceed $500,000 for goods and services and $1,000,000 for construction, Chevron may require the prime supplier (unless they meet SBA small-business size standards) to submit a subcontracting plan every year. This plan must show how the supplier is making sure small or diverse businesses are given an equitable opportunity to compete for the business for which the contracts or subcontracts are awarded. Every quarter, the prime supplier is required to report to Chevron its actual spending with small or diverse businesses.

To learn more about the Chevron SD/SB Program, send an email to or call: +1 713.754.4268

messages on supplier diversity

Mike Wirth, Chairman and CEO

Mike Wirth

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Chevron is committed to being the Partner of Choice and creating social and economic value wherever we do business. Integral to these efforts is having a supplier network that reflects the communities where we operate.

Through our Supplier Diversity/Small Business Program, we are partnering with small, veteran, service-disabled veteran, disadvantaged, HUBZone and woman-owned businesses as well as minority and local suppliers, which creates value for our business and supports local economic development.

Fostering and maintaining productive, collaborative relationships is crucial to our success. Chevron is proud to have successfully contracted with thousands of qualified small business concerns and minority and woman-owned business enterprises over the years. As a result of our efforts, our company has been honored with awards from prominent business organizations.

I am pleased with the accomplishments of our Supplier Diversity/Small Business Program. It is an essential component of our Procurement/Supply Chain Management and Corporate business plans and one of the building blocks that supports Chevron’s overall success as a business enterprise.

Photo of Steve Freeman

Steve Freeman

Chief Procurement Officer

Our Supplier Diversity/Small Business Program is dedicated to the success of small, local and diverse businesses and is founded on the principle that a diverse supply chain, one that reflects the communities where we live and work, creates a business advantage for Chevron and supports our commitment to create prosperity and enable progress, which is inexorably intertwined with our Chevron Way values.

With operations that span the globe, Chevron recognizes the contributions and value that locally-based suppliers add to our enterprise and to the communities in which we operate. In the United States, we support an array of diverse communities of business owners that include minorities, women, LGBTQ individuals, persons with disabilities, veterans, and others. In addition, we support initiatives for locally-based suppliers in international locations where Chevron does business. In many of these locations, we have Local Content Advisors to support our initiatives.

Chevron seeks to develop and maintain strong business relationships with suppliers who have a strong safety culture, reliable operations, strong cost-management skills and are customer-centric and offer quality goods and services, competitive pricing and innovative business solutions.

I am proud of what Chevron has done to contribute to the success of small, local and diverse companies and truly appreciate their collective efforts to support our global operations. I am committed and look forward to continuing this work in the future.

Terence Baptiste

dave feldman thumb

Dave Feldman

Supplier Diversity Managers

Chevron’s Supplier Diversity/Small Business Program is an important part of the corporation’s procurement function and ensures that all businesses are considered on the basis of merit, not just size and strength. These value-added small, minority- and woman-owned businesses provide innovative solutions that fuel growth both for their firms and for our company.

Through this program, Chevron strives to ensure that our supplier base is reflective of our customers and the markets we serve. Historically, alliances with large firms have enabled Chevron to achieve significant cost savings. However, small businesses and diverse businesses also often provide services with attractive cost savings and excellent customer service.

We are proud of our program and of the positive results we have achieved. By providing a competitive, inclusive business environment for suppliers of all types, sizes and backgrounds, Chevron has demonstrated that a commitment to supplier diversity can lead to positive results.