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    Chevron is committed to superior product performance and quality. Over more than 130 years, we have grown into one of the leading marketers of refined products, including gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels and lubricants, in North America.

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    No gasoline offers lower emissions, higher performance and a cleaner engine than Chevron gasoline with Techron. Techron is a patented gasoline additive that helps keep critical engine parts—like intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers—clean.

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    Delo premium motor oils and coolants are designed for on- and off-road uses, ranging from truck and bus transportation to construction, mining, agriculture and power generation. Delo products use Chevron's proprietary ISOSYN® Technology, which combines premium base oils with additives to deliver performance that rivals synthetic lubricants.

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    Chevron's award-winning ExtraMile® convenience stores are focused on providing an exceptional convenience store experience to our customers. Chevron's ExtraMile sells high-quality products in an appealing environment with great service.

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  • Oronite Logo


    Chevron Oronite develops, manufactures and markets performance additives for fuels and lubricating oils. Oronite additives are blended with refined oil or fuel and used in a variety of diesel and gasoline engines.

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    Paralux paraffinic process oils are produced from our patented all-hydroprocessing system that gives them a low aromatic content, better color and ultraviolet stability, as well as resistance to degradation from ultraviolet discoloration. It also has lower volatility, resulting in fewer emissions.

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Updated: January 2012


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