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We are the first to receive voluntary certification from the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD).

Technology is essential to identifying, developing and producing shale reservoirs. Chevron is proud to be the first to achieve voluntary certification based on the 15 environmental performance standards established by the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) from its third-party auditor, Bureau Veritas.

center for sustainable shale development

Center for Sustainable Shale Development

This certification is a result of more than two years’ planning and advancing our operations, including the following:

groundwater protection

  • Systematically conducting predrill and postdrill groundwater sampling to monitor groundwater quality throughout the life cycle of development.
  • Developing an above-ground water storage tank that has enabled us to substantially reduce open, in-ground storage pits through our new well pad design and realize significant benefits, such as enhanced safety, reduced risk of a spill, a smaller footprint (10 acres versus 20 acres), less waste and a lower potential for impact on wildlife.

air quality

  • Utilizing “green completions,” or reduced-emission completions, in our Marcellus operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the initial production period. A green completion is the practice of capturing natural gas that otherwise would be flared or vented, particularly immediately after the fracturing process.
  • Incorporating natural gas–powered drilling rigs into our rig fleet to lower carbon dioxide and particulate emissions.

surface, land and water issues

  • Recycling more than 90 percent of our flowback and produced water, which reduces the amount of fresh water consumed in our fracturing operations.
  • Implementing a closed-loop drilling system that contains all drilling fluids in above-ground storage tanks on location, instead of in-ground, lined pits, which reduces land footprint, waste and potential for releases.

Updated: June 2014