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Alaska Nitrogen Products LLC reduces emissions by 53%

Nikiski, Alaska, May 11, 2000 - Alaska Nitrogen Products LLC (ANP) today said that it reduced its overall chemical releases from its nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing facility in Nikiski by 53 percent in 1998 (the latest year data is available) from the level reported in the previous year.

The company's results were reported in ANP's Toxic Release Inventory filing with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Ammonia accounts for 91 percent of all emissions from the facility. The 53 percent reduction was achieved through the installation of additional water scrubbers and ammonia flares at the end of 1997. Water scrubbers trap ammonia, which is then recovered and returned to the process stream. Flares burn ammonia, converting it to nitrogen and water vapor, harmless substances that are naturally present in the atmosphere.

"Ammonia is not harmful except at very high concentrations," said Denise Newbould, the Environment, Health, and Safety Superintendent at ANP. "The concentrations that result from our emissions are many times less than dangerous levels." A 1993 study, approved by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, showed that ANP's emissions were not harmful to the surrounding community or the environment. Since the study was completed, emissions from the plant have been reduced by nearly 70 percent.

Updated: May 2000