Bangladesh workers pass major safety milestone

October 28, 2014 – Chevron workers in Bangladesh have reached 65 million hours worked without a single day lost to injury, thanks to extensive safety training and awareness on the job. The milestone is equivalent to one person working without serious injury every day for over 30,000 years.

"The achievement is particularly noteworthy since it has occurred during a period of high productivity and an expansion project under way at our Bibiyana gas field," said Geoff Strong, country manager for Chevron Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Workers Pass Major Safety Milestone

Chevron workers in Bangladesh have achieved 65 million hours worked without a single day lost to injury.

Chevron currently produces more than 1.1 billion total cubic feet of natural gas per day in Bangladesh, meeting nearly half of the country's consumption.  The project is expected to increase production by 300 million cubic feet per day as it fully ramps up in 2015.

The Bibiyana Expansion Project is expected to increase Chevron's natural gas production in Bangladesh by more than 27 percent, to 1.4 billion cubic feet per day. The project included extensive modifications to the existing plant facilities as well as new development wells and an additional enhanced liquids recovery unit. Since most of the construction has occurred within the active gas plant, the expansion's safe completion has required careful planning by a team focused on simultaneous operations.

How They Did It

In 2011, an operational excellence audit audit identified risks posed by bringing in more than 3,000 new employees and contractors to work on the expansion and other development activities. To meet that challenge, Chevron's Bangladesh team established a safety training center. During its first two years of operation, the center has trained almost 10,000 employees and contractors to help them work more safely.

New workers are taught that stopping work over a safety concern is not only acceptable, but always encouraged and often rewarded. Attention to safe operations has not gone unnoticed. Chevron has presented the team with 25 successive Zero is Attainable awards, given to organizations that surpass 1 million hours or 1,000 days without a workforce fatality or incident that results in a day away from work.

As a result, the last injury resulting in a day away from work occurred in February 2008, more than six years ago.

"There's no question that the center's dedicated facility staff have contributed significantly to keeping everyone safe from injury," Strong said. Training program topics have included managing safe work, working at heights, hot work (where flammable material or a potential fire hazard is present), lifting and rigging, excavation, working during simultaneous operations and defensive driving.

The Bibiyana Expansion Project began producing natural gas in October 2014.

Published: October 2014