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BP and Chevron Texaco Announce Start-Up of New Dutch Wind Farm

This is news concerning ChevronTexaco but issued by a ChevronTexaco subsidiary, and archived here for record purpose.

ROTTERDAM, Dec. 3 2002 -- BP and ChevronTexaco today announced the full commercial start-up of their new, 22.5megawatt wind farm project in The Netherlands and the sale of green electricity into the Dutch national power grid.

The $23 million project, located at the companies' jointly owned Nerefco oil refinery near Rotterdam, generates sufficient electricity for approximately 20,000 Dutch households. Within Europe it is the first large scale wind project on a brownfield refinery site and will displace 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions each year.

Speaking at the opening ceremony today John Mogford, BP's group vice president, Gas, Power and Renewables, said: "This project is part of BP's commitment to provide cleaner, lower carbon energy, contribute to lower emissions and add value to our existing operations. It demonstrates again that good business projects can also protect the environment"

Frank Maggio, Regional Vice President, ChevronTexaco Worldwide Power and Gasification added: "The Nerefco wind farm is an excellent example of companies working in partnership to deliver a clean energy project that has been successfully developed to the highest safety and environmental standards."

Xavier Bontemps, Nerefco refinery manager, said the new wind project represented an innovative use of brownfield land: "Placing the project within our refinery optimises the use of our assets, minimises any visual or noise impact on the surrounding area and helps The Netherlands achieve its environmental targets."

The wind project consists of nine, highly efficient Nordex turbines, each 120 meters tall and with a generating capacity of 2.5MW.

Notes to Editors

The Dutch Government has set a target to increase the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources to five percent by 2005. At present, wind accounts for approximately one TWh of the total Netherlands power market but this figure is predicted to rise to four TWh by 2010 - equivalent to approximately 35-45 percent of the total renewable power generation in the Netherlands.

The Nerefco refinery has capacity to handle 400,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

BP is taking a lead in both reducing its own emissions and developing a range of cleaner fuels for its customers and shifting its energy portfolio further towards gas. Its world-class solar power business has an annual turnover of over $200m, and annual growth rates of around 30 percent. BP is also working closely with industry to understand technical and market issues associated with the development of hydrogen as a fuel.

ChevronTexaco has equity interests in 47 power projects now operating or being developed. The total power generation capacity of these facilities, which span five continents, is 3,500 megawatts. ChevronTexaco is also a leader in gasification technology, an environmentally friendly process for converting coal, low-value petroleum products, such as petroleum coke and refinery residue and even certain waste materials into a clean gas which can then be used as a chemical plant or refinery feedstock or as a clean burning fuel for producing electricity from high efficiency combustion turbines. 72 commercial gasification plants, located throughout the world, currently use ChevronTexaco's gasification technology. The company also has interests in several advanced energy technologies including fuel cells, advanced batteries and hydrogen storage.

Ownership of the wind farm is in proportion to that of the Nerefco refinery: BP -- 69 percent; ChevronTexaco -- 31 percent.

Updated: December 2002