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BP and ChevronTexaco Announce Wind Farm At Dutch Oil Refinery


This release was issued by BP and ChevronTexaco.

ROTTERDAM, Jan 16, 2002 -- BP and ChevronTexaco today announced that they are to build and operate a 22.5-megawatt wind farm at their jointly-owned Nerefco oil refinery near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The project is subject to planning and other consents.

The $23 million project is due to begin operations in the second half of this year and will be the first substantial use of wind turbine technology for both BP and ChevronTexaco. It will generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of 20,000 households, displacing 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. The electricity will be sold locally and support the Dutch national target for renewable energy generation.

Bob Dudley, BP's Group vice president of Gas and Power and Renewables, said: "This project is an excellent opportunity in line with BP's strategy to add value to our business, lower emissions and demonstrate our commitment to clean energy. It is an ideal choice for this site and complements our use elsewhere of similar energy efficient and lower emission technology, as well as our investment in solar power and clean fuels."

James Houck, ChevronTexaco president of Power and Gasification, said, "The Nerefco wind farm project is a key example of ChevronTexaco's commitment to investing in clean, efficient and environmentally-friendly energy sources. Wind power is an increasingly viable source of power generation, and this project fits with our objectives to manage carbon emissions and invest in new technologies that minimize environmental impact."

Xavier Bontemps, Nerefco refinery manager, added: "The Nerefco site offers many advantages for a wind farm project, including a shoreline location, exposure to strong and consistent winds; minimal visual impact due to the developed industrial surroundings; and access to the national power grid. Not only will this project make good business sense for the refinery, it will also support the covenant between the harbor authorities and the government, which is aimed at encouraging environmental projects within the Europoort area. We look forward to sharing our plans fully with all interested parties as we move forward and to playing a part in helping the Netherlands achieve its environmental objectives."

The project will consist of nine state-of-the-art wind turbines, each with a generating capacity of 2.5 megawatts, located at various points close to the refinery's perimeter fence. Costs will be shared in proportion to the ownership of the refinery: 69 per cent for BP and 31 percent for ChevronTexaco.

The contract to manufacture the turbines has been awarded to Nordex.

Updated: January 2002