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featurebreaking barriers, building bridges — our commitment in the fight against AIDS

With 52,000 employees and operations in nearly 60 countries around the world, Chevron knows well the severity of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. More than 30 years ago, we joined the global AIDS response because we saw the pain and devastation HIV/AIDS was causing in the communities where we work and operate.

The legacy of that initial commitment back in 1986 includes our global workforce policy aimed at HIV/AIDS education, prevention and treatment. In fact, we were the first oil and gas company to implement such a comprehensive global employee HIV/AIDS policy. It also includes our local and global partnerships in the fight, ranging from the International AIDS Society to Pact in Nigeria to the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative.

AIDS is preventable and treatable, and that compels us to do our part here at Chevron. With our partners and our global health and medical leaders guiding and evolving our approach to HIV/AIDS—how we talk about it, how we treat it and how we prevent it—we are helping to change history as we work to eradicate AIDS.

the next chapter in chevron’s global AIDS response

In 2018, Chevron is taking steps to ensure that our employees and qualified dependents have appropriate access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment. PrEP has been proven to make a difference in communities where HIV/AIDS has taken a terrible toll. PrEP is an important part of treatment and is subduing the spread of the disease, protecting people and making fuller lives possible. We are proud to offer PrEP to employees as an additional layer of the HIV/AIDS care and services we already make available—including HIV/AIDS education and testing and peer health educator support.

Although many employees already have PrEP coverage, this next phase will ensure that the availability of this treatment and identify possible challenges to access. Our rollout of PrEP will look different in each region and country, depending on whether employee health care in those areas is provided by Chevron and its clinics directly or through insurance-based and national health services. But regardless of the health care structure in each market, our commitment is that every one of Chevron’s employees and qualified dependents will have access to PrEP and to culturally respectful education about PrEP to help them determine whether they would benefit from this preventive treatment.

Whether in our workplace response to HIV/AIDS or in our undertaking of partnerships, a person-centered approach underscores everything.

progress through partnerships

Chevron’s involvement in the global AIDS response began in our own backyard—the San Francisco Bay Area, where our global headquarters are located. Today, our San Francisco partnerships focus on local testing and treatment, research, and ongoing HIV/AIDS care for the most vulnerable populations. On July 15, 2018, Chevron and hundreds of Bay Area employees took part in AIDS Walk San Francisco, of which Chevron was a principal sponsor. Since the first annual walk 31 years ago, more than $90 million has been raised to fund HIV/AIDS education, research, services and treatment programs in the Bay Area.

Just like they do in San Francisco, Chevron’s local partnerships in other regions address specific regional needs. In Nigeria, where women disproportionately suffer from HIV/AIDS, our workforce health programs and regional partnerships focus heavily on the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission, testing and treatment. We also partner with groups like Pact and the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative on economic development because we know that economic stability makes it possible for those diagnosed with HIV to maintain treatment.

Dr. Huma Abbasi announces the incorporation of PrEP into our global HIV workforce program at AIDS 2018

Global Health and Medical general manager Dr. Huma Abbasi announces the incorporation of PrEP into our global HIV workforce program at AIDS 2018.

convening at the AIDS 2018 conference

As we have before, Chevron is proud to send a delegation to attend the International AIDS 2018 Conference this week. Our delegation is led by Dr. Huma Abbasi, general manager of Global Health and Medical. Dr. Abbasi oversees Chevron’s global workforce policy for HIV/AIDS.

The conference’s theme for 2018 is Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges. Dr. Abbasi and other attending speakers are discussing how biomedical advances like PrEP, regional health care customization and responsive education approaches to counteract stigma can each support the larger aim of eradicating HIV/AIDS.

Chevron takes seriously the responsibility it has to its employees and the communities where we operate to contribute to ending HIV/AIDS. Through workplace initiatives and strategic partnerships around the world, we can overcome barriers and build bridges that carry everyone past the pain and hardship of HIV/AIDS to a future of healthier, empowered communities.

Published: July 2018