featurecaltex: 80 years young

This year, Caltex celebrates the 80th anniversary of its groundbreaking history. Over the past eight decades, Caltex has prospered by always placing customers first in its far-flung markets. Here are some of the ways in which Caltex has evolved:

adapting to change

caltex at 80

Above left: Caltex’s first ad, which appeared in 1938, described the company’s core markets. Above right: A 1952 ad featured Caltex’s early evolution through discoveries in the Middle East.

Caltex was formed as a joint venture between Standard Oil Co. of California (Socal, later Chevron) and The Texas Co. (later Texaco) on July 2, 1936. As equal partners in the new joint venture, The Texas Co. provided its marketing outlets in Africa, Asia, and Australasia; and Socal provided its Middle East oil and refining operations. When the two partners merged in 2001 to form ChevronTexaco (later Chevron Corporation), Caltex evolved from a joint-venture company to a marketing brand that has become critical to Chevron’s long-term success.

creating a grassroots brand


Above left: Clean lines and functional operations typified Calex’s retail stations – such as this one in the vicinity of Cape Town, South Africa, set near the foot of Table Mountain -- in 1956. Above right: In this 1997 image, a revised Caltex logo shone atop one of its “action stations.”

Caltex was created to meet customers’ expectations in such diverse places as French Indo-China, Malaya, Siam, Ceylon and the Dutch East Indies. The names of the nations may have changed, but the local roots of the Caltex brand have not. Today, the Caltex brand is equated with quality service in our many Eastern Hemisphere countries. Caltex retail stations consistently score highly in our regular Mystery Motorist surveys, and we count on our retailers to understand and cater to the local communities they serve.

building strong partnerships


Above left: In this 1971 photo, barrels were being filled at Caltex’s joint-venture refinery in Yeosu, South Korea. Above right: This 7-Eleven market in Pasig City became the 50th to partner with Chevron Philippines when it opened in December 2013.

Caltex has a strong heritage of partnerships – from its earliest refining collaborations in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to our current joint-venture refineries, which include the world’s fourth-largest refinery in Yeosu, South Korea. Today, Caltex has extended this tradition into our retail business, partnering with some of the best nationwide loyalty programs such as the Plus! program in Singapore and the B-card in Malaysia. We also have non-fuels partnerships in Asia and South Africa with well-known and admired brands such as Burger King, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, and Bosch Car Workshops to provide motorists with more reasons to visit us.

supporting communities


Above left: In a 1985 ad, the company captured the range of its cultural sponsorships with a headline that read: “Arias, arabesques, or a Chopin nocturne: the performing arts thrive on CALTEX soil.” Above right: Children at a school in Penang, Malaysia, benefited from Caltex’s support for STEM education.

From our earliest days, Caltex has been earning trust throughout its communities by supporting pressing needs – from educational programs in South Africa to dragon boating in Cambodia. Today, Caltex maintains a strong social investment presence in the communities in which it operates. Since 2012, we’ve sponsored Caltex Fuel Your School, a grassroots program designed to enhance science, technology, engineering and math education in public schools. The program has been widely recognized in various Asia-Pacific countries, gaining special recognition in Singapore, where it received the 2015 Community Spirit Award from the People’s Association, and in the Philippines, where it won multiple industry awards in 2016.

putting our customers first


Two advertising campaigns that captured Caltex’s commitment to service and quality were “oasis in the night” (1960) Above left and “Enjoy the Journey.” (2011) Above right.

A 1960 print ad described a Caltex service station as “an oasis in the night,” where drivers could leave their troubles behind. We’ve always put our customers at the center of our message, as we did in the umbrella campaign “What Drives You” that ran from 2001 to 2011. For the past five years, our slogan has been “Enjoy the Journey” to show motorists that whatever troubles they may face on the road, at a Caltex station, they enter an oasis where they’ll have a hassle-free experience before resuming their trip. Most of our markets still offer full service on the forecourt, ensuring that motorists can look for a “friendly smile and a helpful attitude.”

maintaining trust in our brand


Above left:Trust has always ranked high with Caltex and its dealer network, such as this team photographed in the Philippines, circa 1970. Above right: Readers Digest recognized this quality when it awarded Caltex its 16th consecutive Trusted Brand Award. Liman Yung, Chevron Hong Kong’s district manager for Retail and Card Sales, received the award.

For the past eight decades, the Caltex star has been trusted by consumers from Africa to the Asia-Pacific region. Current surveys confirm that we are a brand to be “highly regarded and trusted.” In Hong Kong, Caltex clinched the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award in the petrol station category for the 16th consecutive year, while in South Africa, the Caltex brand was ranked in the top five of this year’s Ask Afrika Orange Index® customer experience benchmark and number one in the petrochemical industry ‒ 42 places ahead of its nearest petroleum competitor. 

offering a bright future


Above left: This Caltex retail station in Singapore is emblematic of the company’s modern design standards. Above right: A new service station in Udo Thani, Thailand, was among some 36 facilities being built in 2016 as part of Caltex’s marketing expansion plan.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, Caltex faces a bright future based on our superior products, leading loyalty programs, strong partnerships – and most notably, the trust engendered by our longevity and consistent record of serving motorists’ needs. Our customers regularly engage with us, and we have more than 1.2 million fans on social media who actively tell us what they want, need and like. On this landmark 80th year, we’ve opened 36 stations in Asia and South Africa over the past eight months, with further retail expansion planned in the pipeline. Caltex’s future is shining bright indeed.

Published: November 2016