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Chevron Press Release - Chevron And Disneyland Unveil Redesigned Autopia; Chevron Honors "Rosie's Garage"

Mickey Mouse and Pat Woertz

Mickey Mouse and Pat Woertz give a thumbs up to the new Autopia ride.

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 28, 2000 -- Disneyland and Chevron today unveiled a remodeled Autopia featuring restyled cars and roadways with interactive surprises, visual puns, unexpected road hazards and humorous billboards.

The new attraction, which officially opens to the public tomorrow, combines the Fantasyland Autopia and Tomorrowland Autopia roadways into a single attraction with access through a new boarding area in Tomorrowland.

"The new Autopia blends the classic Disneyland experience with Chevron's 'World of Cars'," said Patricia Woertz, president of Chevron Products Co. "We're excited about this opportunity to partner with Disneyland," she continued. "Both Chevron and Disneyland have strong foundations in California, and Autopia represents the perfect opportunity to partner with a company that maintains similar core values."

Autopia Presentation

From left: Mickey Mouse, Disneyland Resort President Cynthia Harriss, Chevron Products Co. President Pat Woertz, and Sparky the sports car.

Working with WDisney Imagineering, Research and Development, Chevron engineers developed a custom instrumentation package for the cars. The new cars are quieter and are self-starting. The engines require less fuel and are cleaner than required by air quality standards for the coming years.

check_for_rosie.jpg (12537 bytes)

Rosie Espinosa, founder of "Rosie's Garage," accepts a check from Pat Woertz.

In addition to participating in the grand re-opening of Autopia, Woertz presented Rosie Espinosa, founder of "Rosie's Garage," with a check for $10,000.

"This amazing woman wanted to help disadvantaged children in her neighborhood succeed in school and avoid being involved in gangs," Woertz said. "After 10 years of hard work and devotion to her non-profit, after-school program, there are four locations serving Orange County and more than 200 children."

More than 50 of Rosie's kids joined the festivities driving Autopia cars.

"Some of these very children may one day become the visionaries who run our companies and make our world a better place," Woertz said.

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Updated: June 2000