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Chevron Press Release - Chevron And Texaco To Train Indonesian Oil And Gas Professionals

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 1994 -- Chevron Corporation and Texaco Inc. will provide advanced environmental, health and safety training for approximately 80 Indonesian oil and gas professionals over the next two years, the two companies announced today.

Employees from the exploration and production divisions of Pertamina, the Indonesian state oil company, and Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI), an Indonesian company owned jointly by Chevron and Texaco, and officials of Indonesian government agencies, who have responsibility for environmental and related areas, will undertake four months of course work, similar to an accelerated master's degree program. The course, developed at the request of Pertamina, includes field trips, workshops, homework and group projects. Participants will take more than 20 courses, including safety practices, risk management, workplace health management, water and air quality, groundwater protection, hazard identification and emergency preparedness.

"Through CPI and its close working relationship with Pertamina, Chevron and Texaco have long been involved in the transfer of technology and industry knowledge to our partners in Indonesia," said R. L. (Lyn) Arscott, Chevron's group manager of health, environment and safety. "This program is an important extension of that effort."

"Worker safety and care for the environment are of paramount importance in Indonesia and throughout the world," said J. Donald Annett, president of Texaco's environment, health and safety division . "Program participants either have worked, or will be working, in these vital areas and will be trained in the latest technology and practices."

Two training sessions will be held this year, beginning in April and August respectively, with two more scheduled for 1995. Half of each session will be conducted by Texaco at facilities in Houston and will focus on safety, fire protection, industrial hygiene and oil spill response. Some of the courses will be offered at Texas A&M University's Firefighting Training Program and at its Oil Spill Response Program. The second half of the program will be given at Chevron facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area, where participants will focus on risk management and environmental issues.

Updated: May 1994