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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Announces It No Longer Needs Emergency Fuel Variance

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17, 1999 -- Chevron today confirmed that state officials have agreed to Chevron's request to terminate its emergency fuel variance before it expires on Aug. 30.

Chevron told the California Air Resources Board (CARB) it has obtained enough cleaner-burning gasoline to supply its service stations, making the variance now unnecessary.

"We're very pleased we've been able to provide 100 percent of our customers with gasoline that meets California's emissions standards, since our ability to produce it was severely affected by a refinery incident," said Patricia Woertz, president of Chevron Products Co., which operates Chevron's refining and marketing network.

The variance, granted by CARB on July 15, was terminated at Chevron's request today. Chevron had sought permission to sell conventional fuel out of concern it would be unable to fully supply cleaner-burning gasoline, which must meet strict emissions-reduction guidelines set by CARB.

Updated: August 1999