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Chevron Chemical To Curtail Orthene Production at Richmond, Calif., Plant


SAN RAMON, Calif., Aug. 9, 1995 -- Chevron Chemical Company today announced that it plans to curtail Orthene® pesticide production at its Richmond, Calif., agricultural chemicals plant at the end of 1996.

The planned curtailment follows Chevron being informed by Valent, Inc., that it will no longer require the plant's product, a pesticide called Orthene®. Valent's parent company, Sumitomo, plans to produce its future supply of Orthene® in Japan.

The Chevron plant in Richmond employs about 220 people, of which about 100 will be affected over the next year and a half by the curtailment. Chevron plans to try placing as many of these employees as possible in other Chevron jobs. Where no other Chevron jobs are available, employees leaving the company will receive a severance package, including outplacement services.

In addition to producing Orthene®, the Richmond plant also operates an environmental lab, and produces gasoline and diesel fuel additives, including Techron®, the patented deposit-control additive used in all grades of Chevron gasolines.

Chevron's Richmond agricultural chemicals plant has been operating for more than 60 years, and is the last vestige of Chevron Chemical's original business, dating back almost to the turn of the century. In 1989, Chevron entered into a joint venture with Sumitomo, then later sold its share of the business, withdrawing from agricultural chemicals entirely.

Chevron Chemical, which is a nearly $4 billion, wholly owned subsidiary of San Francisco-based Chevron Corporation, produces a wide range of petrochemicals. It employs approximately 5,000 employees.

Updated: August 1995