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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Continues To Notify Northern California Pilots on Claims Procedures

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 1994 -- Chevron continues to urge Northern California aviation gasoline customers to contact the company to get information on repairing or replacing engines operated with contaminated fuel accidentally distributed by Chevron in May.

"We want to ensure that all customers who were affected contact us immediately," said Peter Kump, general manager of aviation sales for Chevron. "The response to our previous announcements has been excellent, but we want to be certain that all customers understand the need to assure the airworthiness of their aircraft."

Under some circumstances, engines operated with the contaminated fuel could suffer a sudden, in-flight failure, the company is telling aircraft owners in a follow-up letter today.

Aircraft owners and pilots were notified in a July 9 letter to contact Chevron at (800) 358-4588 to start the repair or replacement process. Many have responded, but the company wants to ensure that the remaining pilots and owners contact Chevron as soon as possible.

Updated: July 1994