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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Emphasizes Safety Of Its Bay Area Pipeline

March 12, 1996 -- In response to a story that appeared in today's San Francisco Chronicle, Chevron reemphasized today that it has safely operated its Bay Area Products Pipeline in the San Antonio Reservoir area for the pipeline's 31-year lifetime. The company stated its strong commitment to safety in all of its operations, including the 10,000 miles of pipelines it has throughout the United States.

"This pipeline is no exception. We are totally committed to maintaining our 31-year record for safely carrying much-needed petroleum products to Bay Area customers," said Joe Martinelli, president of Chevron Pipe Line Company.

Following are facts on Chevron's pipeline, which carries gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from its Richmond Refinery east to eastern Contra Costa County and then south through eastern Alameda County to Chevron's San Jose terminal.


  • The pipeline does not cross any active seismic faults within the watershed for the San Antonio Reservoir.
  • It does cross the Calaveras fault in several places, but only in areas that drain away from the reservoir.
  • The public does not gain by a relocation because no part of the Bay Area is free of earthquake faults.
  • A pipeline is the safest way to transport petroleum products. It would take 150 tanker trucks per day to make up for the pipeline's volume capability.


  • The pipeline has not experienced a leak in its 31 years of operation along the PUC-right of way.
  • Chevron continuously monitors the pipeline (using routine aerial surveys, periodic inspections, data and performance monitoring by a regional control center).
  • Chevron meets or exceeds all federal and state safety design, maintenance and operations requirements.
  • Chevron has commissioned two Calaveras fault studies that review worst-case scenarios. A third study is underway and when completed Chevron will address any concerns raised by the studies to ensure safe pipeline operation in the event of a major earthquake.


  • Chevron has been in ongoing negotiations for lease renewal of the right of way during the last 11 years -- intensively for the past four years.
  • Chevron has been working closely with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC) staff to mitigate any concerns over pipeline safety.
  • Chevron has openly shared engineering and scientific data with the PUC.
  • Chevron believed it was well on the road to resolving issues with the PUC.

Updated: March 1996