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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Has Issued Aviation Gasoline Advisory To Pilots

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 1994 -- Chevron today announced it had advised pilots that some aviation gasoline recently supplied to four general aviation airports in Northern California had a fuel contamination problem involving three truck deliveries.

No flight operations have been affected. The notice does not affect jet fuel supplies for commercial and military aircraft.

The airports primarily involved were Sacramento Metro and Executive Airport near Sacramento, which received fuel from the same truckload. Trucks with lesser contamination went to Buchanan Field in Concord and Petaluma Airport. Fresh fuel has since been delivered to these airports, and normal fueling operations have resumed.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience to the pilots and aircraft owners who depend on Chevron aviation gasoline," said Peter Kump, general manager of Chevron's aviation business unit. "We take pride in our commitment to aviation fuel quality, and in keeping with that standard we're taking extraordinary measures to correct the situation."

Chevron has directly contacted some 500 pilots or aircraft owners who fueled their planes at the affected airports between May 16 and June 2. Only four pilots have reported less than optimum engine performance related to the fuel. Pilots have been advised to defuel their planes and to refuel at Chevron's expense. Those with questions concerning fuel reimbursement or effect on engines may call 800/424-4474 for information.

As a precautionary measure, fuel samples from several other general aviation airports are being tested.

The contamination involved jet fuel that was inadvertently mixed with aviation gasoline. A Chevron investigation into the matter has determined that a blending error occurred at the Richmond Refinery for about two hours on May 16. Chevron is currently investigating how the error occurred.

Updated: June 1994