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Chevron Press Release - Chevron, Idemitsu And Chiyoda Receive Japanese Award Of Technology Progress

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 17, 1994 -- The Japanese Petroleum Institute today gave its annual Award of Technology Progress to Chevron, Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., and Chiyoda Corporation for the development and successful commercialization of the Onstream Catalyst Replacement (OCR) refining technology.

The OCR demetalization technology was developed by Chevron Research and Technology Company and is being licensed and implemented by Chevron International Oil Company (CIOC). The technology is used by Idemitsu Kosan at its Aichi Refinery. Chiyoda constructed the unit.

"I think the successful commercialization of the OCR technology in Japan demonstrates exceptional teamwork among the three partners -- Chevron, Idemitsu Kosan and Chiyoda," said Al Caccamo, president of CIOC. The three partners are installing a second OCR unit at Idemitsu's Hokkaido Refinery.

Each year, JPI awards are given to recognize and encourage advancements in refinery technology, such as technology improvements in commercial operations, published research findings and research in catalyst advancements. This year, Chevron was the only non-Japanese company to be recognized for its achievements.

Idemitsu selected OCR because it enables them to more efficiently process heavy, high-metal feedstocks into higher-value, lighter gasoline products in their existing residuum desulfurization (RDS)/residuum fluid catalytic cracker (RFCC) complex. The OCR reactor removes metal and sulfur from feedstocks ahead of a fixed-bed residuum desulfurization (RDS) reactor. Residuum and hydrogen flow upward through the OCR reactor and the catalyst flows downward. This unique countercurrent flow of reactants and catalyst efficiently demetalizes the feedstock for further downstream conversion into low-sulfur gasoline products.

Idemitsu chose OCR as the most reliable route for processing heavy feedstocks because it did not rely on high temperatures or high-pressure valves to achieve performance goals. After 18 months of successful operation, it's apparent that OCR will give Idemitsu a competitive advantage by more efficiently meeting Japanese performance and environmental standards.

Updated: May 1994