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Chevron acquired Noble Energy in October 2020. “We are pleased to welcome Noble Energy’s employees and shareholders to Chevron. Noble’s high-quality assets complement Chevron’s advantaged upstream portfolio, and the combination is expected to deliver strong financial benefits,” said Chevron Chairman and CEO Michael Wirth.

“Noble is a high-quality operator that holds themselves to a high standard, and I think it’s important for all of us as we develop resources to do it responsibly, do it in a way that demonstrates to the public that it’s compatible with the other uses of the land and the other expectations for local communities. I think Noble Energy’s got a strong history of doing that. We intend to maintain that.”

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Chevron’s Colorado operations are in the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin – a large geological formation in northwestern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming. Our focus is the liquids-rich area within Weld County, where we have access to approximately 330,000 net acres. In this highly productive area, we use technology and innovation to protect the environment and develop our acreage safely, sustainably and responsibly.

Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin

Chevron continuously pursues innovations that improve our environmental performance across our operations. This includes focus on protecting land, water and wildlife habitats as well as minimizing potential disruptions to nearby communities.

In Colorado, we are now using comprehensive drilling plans (CDP) for new oil and natural gas development in rural areas where we have large acreage positions and can strategically combine facility locations with innovative processes and the latest technology to reduce our surface footprint and impacts.

mustang comprehensive drilling plan

mustang comprehensive drilling plan

Our Mustang CDP is the first ever CDP approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. It is a blueprint for sustainable energy development that supports our goal to minimize our surface footprint in and around communities. It involves:

64,000 acres of farmland southeast of Greeley, Colorado in Weld County, encompassing rural lands with no municipalities within the boundaries
More than 400 approved six-year — instead of two-year — horizontal drilling permits that provide us with the flexibility to develop long-term plans
Plugging and removing more than 1,400 older vertical wells and their production facilities, then reclaiming the land for other uses such as farming

advancing technology

Advancing technology

We continue to upgrade the design of our facilities to produce oil and natural gas with fewer air emissions and surface impact.

Where possible, we invest in infrastructure to power compression engines and drilling rigs using electricity from the power grid. When we can use grid electricity to power a rig, we eliminate 100 percent of nitrous oxides and other ozone precursor emissions from rig operations in summer months and approximately 75 percent in colder months, when operations require the use of boilers for heat.

We are also committed to using tankless production facilities, which reduce emissions and surface footprint. Our newest facilities enable us to eliminate more than 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions compared to older facility designs. In the Mustang CDP area, it now takes only about 7.5 surface acres to deliver the same production volume that previously required 400 surface acres — reducing our surface footprint by more than 95 percent.

In addition, we eliminate more than 152 million miles of truck traffic and associated emissions by transporting oil and natural gas from our Mustang CDP by pipeline instead of trucks.

health, safety and environment

supporting crop and wildlife protection

Traditional drilling permits are for two-year periods. Permits within the Mustang CDP are for six-year periods. This provides us with the flexibility to develop long-term plans that enable us to work our schedule around seasonal crops and wildlife patterns.

focusing on safety

Our Operations and Safety Training Center in Colorado plays a key role in safe operations. This full-scale training facility and competency center features simulated operations equipment to train our employees and first responders. We also use the training center to educate our communities and stakeholders about the oil and natural gas development process.

Our Operations Control Center is the nerve center for our operations across northern Colorado. It allows our automated oil and natural gas facilities to be monitored and controlled remotely, in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently, more than 90 percent of our operations in Colorado are automated and monitored via this center.

in the community

community kids

Chevron Colorado enables human progress. We believe investing in basic human needs, education and training, and local business development is important to strengthening communities and promoting greater economic and social stability. Through contributions, sponsorships, in-kind donations, partnerships, and volunteerism, we seek to make a difference in Colorado and our Weld County communities.

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Published: December 2020